Widespread Panic

Sound Academy

Toronto, ON

Jul 5, 2008

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About Formats
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chris 8/6/2008 4:48:46 AM

"great show the place holds 1000 max ,so it must have been very intimate for wsp .I took my 18 yr old "metalhead" son to see them we had front row .he was really impressed .i was floored myself the band rocked the place .just got the cd's form the show .the sound quality is top notch . Come back soon to ontario . thanks"

Michael Troy 7/12/2008 9:25:54 AM

"What a wonderful evening. The show was awesome, by far the smallest venue I've seen the boys in since Brute benefit (Day by the River-Lee Lawrence benefit?) circa winter 2000 @Ga. Theater. Friendly folks (though not very many and not your average crowd) in the lot and rockin' show. Always love LGDTB, maybe one of the first You got Yours, Holden was awesome as well as Wrangler to close out the 1st set. 2nd set rocked as well and I do love a 3 song encore. No one was there taping as well so this one was one to add to the collection. The show and Toronto was the highlight of our Canada weekend which included Taj/Keb Mo @ Jazz Fest in Montreal and the Ottawa Blues fest where Panic as well as Snoop and Primus were as well. "

Jon Donatelli 7/11/2008 8:09:57 AM

"Great Night, Great Venue, Great Show. Only about 1000 heads came across the border for this diamond in the rough. Luckily the air conditioning was on (unlike Rochester) and the patio offered a cresent moon over the Toronto skyline. The band came out hard and didnt take too long before they "got down to business." It was great to hear songs from different albums/times in WSP history. Jimmy is amazing and Dave made "Blight" extra scary. The encore was the highlight of the night. My sisters were amazed at their first panic show. Thanks guys."


Setlist at Sound Academy, Toronto, ON on Jul 5, 2008

Set One

Little Kin 387


Let's Get Down To Business 281


Angels On High 446


Papa Johnny Road 411


Blackout Blues 431


Holden Oversoul 762


Spoonful 463


You Got Yours 433


Space Wrangler 519


Set Two

Solid Rock 516


Up All Night 216


Thin Air (Smells Like Mississippi) 487


Bear's Gone Fishin' 599


Blight 426


Impossible 310


Travelin' Light 355


Me And The Devil Blues 357


Radio Child 453



Time Waits 353


Visiting Day 329


Makes Sense To Me 318


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