Widespread Panic

Taft Theatre

Cincinnati, OH

Mar 30, 2005

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About Formats
About Formats
Show Notes
  • First Nicotina
  • Reviews

    Real Wings 4/18/2019 3:12:56 PM

    "This Spring was incredible! It has gone unnoticed for many reasons. There are 7 performances every Panic would enjoy if they only knew it happened? "

    Stanlee Mouse 3/23/2018 7:20:42 PM

    "This was to BEGIN an absolute wonderful run of BOWLEGGED WOMEN including THICK Vinyl Record Raps that continued throughout the summer of 2005. I remember one evening shortly after the Fox run that was not put on LWP. technical difficulties and I thought it might have been Cincinnati? Good to hear this Bowlegged Again... "

    Coconut Phil 6/19/2007 3:00:51 AM

    "Dr Profesoor, you need to get laid man. Carry on and live free."

    Dr. Profesoor Longhair Toussaint 6/30/2006 11:18:26 AM

    "It`s Been a While sense this show has taken place. I hope this show has not been runover with out notice. In my personel experience this show was sprial of the spirits. The sounds ment for us all to feel together, and maybe go on ,home ,down , up..... This One by One Shook my world. It`s still fells good, on this day. I have recently gone back to listen to this part of what I considered and still consider IMHO a wonderful run. I was celebrating my birth yesterday for the 30th time ("You Know It`s Gonna Get Stranger, Some Things We Just Know") and Living reminds me alot of who I`ve spent time with and those I will no longer see (atleast on this plain). I got A call on 03/29/05 in a lobby. Blistering news came threw that phone. A friend with A heart of gold that he could not control. Giving before takin` , A Jesture in balace, A human (animal) off balace. As I found out the sounds made my ears tell my brain what? I see how but why him!!! I was being human thinking my thoughts are right, at no cost. We had been in the trenches of a land of anarchy and community. Not that much was strange. Not, anymore. Dead he is. My world was balancing on US. You and me. My thoughts where obssessed with, well random (Button on machine, and searching that wonderful sound)I walk into this show in shock. Happy to be there. I was there, Everynote from this night ran me up and down the walls of my head. Pure positve stuff. every cell felt good. But waint one of my Junco Partners Had just crossed over. Another one gone. All my cohordts on this trip at that time said everything a community can when swimming in the sea of confused love. I want to thank you all. You know who and where. ONE BY ONE. Our beyond the pale twirling gathered group who had many time gone a mile without speaking only a raw communication. The good stuuff. Record raps are just flowing out of the bowlegged POWERFUL WONDERFUL IMPROV together again. This show is beyond IMHO. The sounds the vibe our togetherness Stage and field. This night had union of sprit all F.L.O.W. (For Lack Of Words)!!!! One bye One, thank you and to A human being that will go unforgotten. My friend one year and some days later even threw you leaving this plain have taught me. I love you and please for the good of good rest if you want in a peace i can`t imagine. J.R. I will not forget you. The sounds that come out of the recordings I would like to thank all for. We can`t do it alone. Listen Enjoy Be.... "From ThatPeak I Got Such A View..." P.S. Thanks and enjoy this show. P.S.S. To the men facing us on the stage. I Thank You For All. I "

    PaDavis 8/4/2005 8:18:12 AM

    "Greatest show on earth. JAM....JAM....JAM. It doesn`t get any better than this.......Tight and sweet......"


    Setlist at Taft Theatre, Cincinnati, OH on Mar 30, 2005

    Set One

    Pigeons 583


    Who Do You Belong To 316


    Papa Johnny Road 457


    Papa's Home 757


    Ride Me High 823


    Papa's Home 129


    Old Joe 239


    Nicotina 261


    Daisy Mae 287


    Bowlegged Woman 643


    Set Two

    Pleas 719


    One Arm Steve 234


    Travelin' Man 556


    Second Skin 766


    Drums 161


    Red Hot Mama 560


    Holden Oversoul 290


    Fishwater 657


    Nobody's Loss 370


    Space Wrangler 530



    1 x 1 337


    Love Tractor 326


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