Widespread Panic

The Amphitheater at The Wharf

Orange Beach, AL

Apr 19, 2008

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About Formats
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ben f 10/12/2009 10:12:31 AM

"Very good show overall. By far the best Rock ever. Probably the best Porch Song, Fishwater, and Maggot with Jimmy. This is a good buy."

MR 5/2/2008 12:11:54 AM

"all i gotta say is DINER, front and center for the second set that night. encore was great too. a real nice maggot into a well timed fishwater. everyone thought chilly was coming when they hear maggot, but pretty soon now, well be back in... new orleans. preview of good things at jazzfest. kinda like fishwater encore from tupelo, ms 10/30/97, tomorrow night... we'll be back in new orleans... New Orleans Halloween that year and the tupelo show are both A++, check em out on panicstream. But get this crazy saturday night show from orange beach, fo sho!"

Music Fan 33 4/24/2008 8:42:16 PM

"Her dance evolves! JB at 1:02 and 1:43 with "ahs" and "lahs" over the band is quite nice. Jimmy from 2:01 to 3:43 is excellent; great lows, highs, and noodles. Jojo at 3:04 might want to try a little Chopin rage staying in the piano rather than organ, and then gently weave with JB's voice. The tempo is great! But organ could come back at 5:20 as the shift to contemporary seems better timed at that point. Check out the Chopin releases from EMI in 2006 and 2007. I just listened and overlayed several pieces that might lend some ideas. JB at 3:42, how about a Henry Parsons TIME!? Jimmy had a very timely and full Houser low right there, and towards the end as well blended with a whole lot of other wonderful parts that can only be summarized as Herring. Finally, JB at 4:33 was in beautiful voice. He hit "shawl" like a songbird. He could hit the same note with a bit more fervor at "all" as well by taking a good breath before the second "no body." It just seemed like a competing volume and texture at that point between JB and Todd. But what do I know anyway. Her dance needs no body. No body at all... "

OBeach 4/23/2008 7:48:43 PM

"The only bad thing I can say is that I didn't make it to Savannah. Really smokin' line-ups all 3 shows. Set one main course WOW,Pieces>Rock blew my mind all the way back to the 90's. Sweet Gradle>Diner!!"

Acker 4/23/2008 2:16:28 PM

"What a weekend!! We got to our condo at the Phoenix II Friday so we didn't attend that night's show, but Saturday, it was really great. Sunny weather and they played some of my fav songs; All Time Low, Climb to Safety and Weight of the World. They even covered Low Rider!! What a treat. The lot was quite a scene as well--"Whey my fi-dolla balloons at?!" ($10 was absurd.) Sunday couldn't have been any better; more energy, (my friend was not throwing up anymore,) got soaked from Chilly Water and another fav, City of Dreams.... They ended with End of the Show, naturally. I was in my fav world of Panic all weekend! Peace n Panic--"


Setlist at The Amphitheater at The Wharf, Orange Beach, AL on Apr 19, 2008

Set One

Porch Song 561


Low Rider 573


I'm Not Alone 394


Walk On The Flood 409


Weight Of The World 448


Pickin' Up The Pieces 483


Rock 375


Climb To Safety 398


Don't Be Denied 410


Set Two

Give 359


Impossible 336


Her Dance Needs No Body 531


Gradle 295


Diner 1122


Tie Your Shoes 697


All Time Low 274


Boom Boom Boom 334


Flat Foot Flewzy 435



One Arm Steve 198


Maggot Brain 345


Fishwater 693


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