Widespread Panic

The Backyard

Austin, TX

Oct 10, 2008

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About Formats
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Panic in Purple 11/9/2008 7:02:08 PM

"Leathersac, Jojo is a citizen of the United States, and an artist. Nations exist in which art is not allowed to imitate life. I believe that THAT is what Jojo is singing about [See First Amendment]. Your opinion, and mine, may not always jive with a given part of the art, but our lives have undeniably imitated this artform as a whole. I think you would agree with me in declaring that very few artists have been as talented and perceptive at reflecting life, and its many characters, through two very different decades. Congratulations to Widespread Panic, its members, and their surrounding angels. "

leathersac 10/16/2008 5:27:33 PM

"What a nice 10+ minute Goodpeople, EXCEPT for Jo Jo's nomination for Obama in the middle of it. I was shocked - never in many years of live Panic shows have I heard blatant politics, whether or not I agree. Otherwise, a solid opening to the last of the Backyard shows. I liked Saturday's better though. "

AustinMoell 10/15/2008 7:57:43 PM

"Yo it's alright! Let Jo Jo speak his mind. It's all good. Take it or leave it. Great show! Great opening night for the last two at the Backyard EVER....The rumor mill says the Backyard will reopen one day up the road a bit. Who knows, maybe after the hiatus???? DL this show....it's got a great mellow vibe balanced with come real barn burners. Thanks boys for bringing it to the Backyard 'til the very END!!!"

Jason 10/15/2008 7:06:51 PM

"The politics were awful. JB looked like he couldn't wait for JoJo to shut up. He was rubbing his head looking up at him.....it was painful to watch. Great show. Slow 1st set. 2nd set was great though."

billm622 10/15/2008 3:07:17 PM

"Nice Fall Tour opener. I wish they would leave the politics out of it, though. Neither side has the answers. I listen to hear a good show and forget all that crap. Leave the politics to the political commentators and pundits and rock and roll!"


Setlist at The Backyard, Austin, TX on Oct 10, 2008

Set One

Holden Oversoul 468


  • $0.99
Fishwater 736


  • $1.29
Goodpeople 638


  • $0.99
Angels On High 467


  • $0.99
Time Zones 487


  • $0.99
This Part of Town 324


  • $0.99
It Ain't No Use 1080


  • $1.29
Pilgrims 468


  • $0.99
Pigeons 556


  • $0.99

Set Two

Bust It Big 828


  • $1.29
Slippin' Into Darkness 925


  • $1.29
Flicker 1036


  • $1.29
Driving Song 255


  • $0.99
Disco 347


  • $0.99
Bee Cave Jam 365


  • $0.99
Driving Song 151


  • $0.99
Heaven 355


  • $0.99
Ain't Life Grand 397


  • $0.99


Ribs and Whiskey 393


  • $0.99
Blackout Blues 514


  • $0.99

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