Widespread Panic

The Chicago Theatre

Chicago, IL

Jul 14, 2007

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About Formats

matt jacobs 10/18/2010 7:15:29 AM

"Many years after the fact, but this was maybe i don't know my 120th show or so, and probably one of my top 5. very solid 1st set, but tremendous 2nd set. looking at the setlist one would think it would flow well perhaps maybe a bit choppy BUT NOT AT ALL. the 2nd set flowed like molasse, it was SWEET. THANK YOU BOYS.."

Kyle Miller 10/21/2007 10:48:07 PM

"Rocking show, very high energy. My second show. I have had some time think and listen back to Saturday and Sunday shows. The first set was great, loved the Flicker. This show`s second set was a great straight ahead rock show. The crowd was intensly happy...it was like a huge party in this old theater that happened to, oh yeah, have an awesome rock band on stage! Greta-> Jack was both spacey and powerful, Action Man rocked. Diner was great ("lazy song writing techniques had me playing a charecter in another song"). YSBG was funky, the Impossible rocked but fizzled into a staid funk jam which wound down into Mercy...which picked up again with Flat Foot Floozy. Sharon was pyschadelic and Imitation Leather Shoes had Herring playing razor sharp licks. On to Sunday... "

Wyatt Earp 7/23/2007 8:06:05 AM

"Very Rockin Show. After the final encore the crowd was so pumped nobody stopped clapping until they made it out of the building to the street. I`ve never seen that happen at any concert. "

Alan Whitlock 7/20/2007 3:34:06 PM

"Loved the Greta>Spacey Jam, Diner>JB Rap, YSBG>Jam, and Sharon! Are you kidding me?! I saw the last one in Kansas City, and the crowd during this one was explosive!! Also, great to see Jimmy loading up on the bus wearing his guitar backpack! Thanks for the drumstick, Sunny!"

Chad 7/20/2007 9:49:17 AM

"Another top-notch run at the Chicago Theater. WOW!! It just gets better every time. I don`t know how. Those boys have soul down to their toes. Schooooooooools! I love you like Jelly! This town is nuts, my kind of place! I don`t ever want to leave. Come back soon, ya hear? So what the theater cracked down on smoking. It just tastes that much better after the show!"


Setlist at The Chicago Theatre, Chicago, IL on Jul 14, 2007

Set One

Henry Parsons Died 595


Wondering 418


C. Brown 484


Heroes 286


Stop Breakin' Down 481


Flicker 288


Greta 857


Jack 412


Action Man 262


Set Two

This Part of Town 364


Diner 995


Space Wrangler 591


You Should Be Glad 731


Impossible 549


Mercy 579


Flat Foot Flewzy 408


Contentment Blues 351


Sharon 770


Imitation Leather Shoes 282



May Your Glass Be Filled 320


North 396


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