Widespread Panic

The Chicago Theatre

Chicago, IL

Jul 15, 2007

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About Formats

David “Deubs” Deuble. 7/2/2023 4:06:02 PM

"No reviews !??!? Are you fans out of your minds!??? I’ve seen panic 60 times 2013-2023 and have listened to more than half the shows from each year jimmy has been in the band on CD, Nugs, YouTube, downloads from LivePanic to Apple Music, and I’ve listened to every Mikey show on Cd or on music apps. I am 100% certain this is the highest level of musicianship, most perfectly sounding, mixed, in the pocket, yet tight musically, coolest, grooviest, most kick ass, perfectly played show, with about 12 plus best versions of songs they play live I have heard in my entire existence following and jammin’ out to The Boys …and I mean this when I say the band was quite literally FLAWLESS and clicking like I’ve NEVER HEARD and in a laid back, chill, non-shreddy or redundant, but still full speed, jammy, funky, killer rock n roll with the SEXIEST sounds YOULL HEAR outta every band member INDIVIDUALLY and COLLECTIVELY. THEY WERE On ONE . Every band member equally stands out at their strongest, individually unique style, skill level, and sound in this recording…THIS IS THE ONE! …THIS IS THE PEAK OF PANIC! IVE HEARD TOO MANY RECORDINGS and SEEN ENOUGH SHOWS TO KNOW….IF YOU TRULY CARE ABOUT PANIC YOU ARE MISSING OUR MAJORLY IF YOU DONT LISTEN TO OR BUY/DOWNLOAD THIS SHOW—7/15/07….ITS LIKE THE FIRST NIGHT YOU HAVE MULTIPLE 27 IN PLUS BROWN TROUT swarm your streamer every cast in a Montana river from 12 am to 3 am. ?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????. ????????. ????????????????????"

Deubs 3/15/2023 12:23:19 AM

"Could argue for being a top 10 alltime show. 10:10. Can confirm this show is heavy jam filled and scorching hot. One of their best throw downs to date. Sound is amazing too. Definitely listen to this top to bottom bc it’s up there, and I’d recommend adding or downloading this show if you’re seeing this now. "

Kyle Miller 10/21/2007 11:23:08 PM

"Due to the "great" Chicago transit system that had me 45 minutes late for this show (which angers me to this day), I was able to come in during the Traveling Light, after missing a sweet PG->CPW->PG. Oh well. The second set made up for it. Ribs and Whiskey is a throwaway, but the real meat comes with the WDYBT -> Bust It Big -> Pigeons -> Second Skin -> Surprise Valley -> RMH, which was greatly jammed out. Climb to Safety was uplifting. I just wish they hadn`t just teased/jammed Vacation before Second Skin. The encore left me pumped as it was very rock. The Postcard -> Disco -> Life During Wartime ruled very much. "

johnny B 10/18/2007 9:57:04 PM

"I loved this show. proving ground>cream puff>proving ground was a beaut, but the encore left me speechless. You never cease to impress"

jimmyisgod 7/22/2007 1:24:38 PM

"LGDTB opener and Life after wartime closer. Wire to wire this show was just filthy sweet."


Setlist at The Chicago Theatre, Chicago, IL on Jul 15, 2007

Set One

Let's Get Down To Business 299


Little Kin 290


1 x 1 375


Better Off 361


Smoking Factory 382


Blue Indian 349


You Got Yours 495


Proving Ground 304


Cream Puff War 198


Proving Ground 124


Travelin' Light 403


Set Two

Ribs and Whiskey 559


Who Do You Belong To? 557


Bust It Big 821


Pigeons 623


Second Skin 1009


Surprise Valley 273


Ride Me High 631


Drums 432


Surprise Valley 326


Papa's Home 475


Climb To Safety 420



Postcard 247


Disco 442


Life During Wartime 413


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