Jul 9, 2005

Widespread Panic

The Greek Theatre, Berkeley, CA

07/09/05 The Greek Theatre, Berkeley, CA


Set One

Solid Rock 405


  • $0.99
Fishwater 587


  • $0.99
Tortured Artist 307


  • $0.99
Time Zone 636


  • $0.99
Henry Parsons Died 379


  • $0.99
Monstrosity 514


  • $0.99
Good Morning Little School Girl 728


Run For Your Life 253


  • $0.99
Travelin' Light 400


  • $0.99

Set Two

Party At Your Mama's House 449


  • $0.99
Ribs and Whiskey 550


  • $0.99
Junior 384


  • $0.99
You Should Be Glad 685


  • $0.99
Down 263


  • $0.99
Barstools and Dreamers 611


  • $0.99
All Time Low 604


  • $0.99
Pusherman 714


  • $0.99
Pilgrims 476


  • $0.99
Love Tractor 390


  • $0.99


End Of The Show 294


  • $0.99
Ain't Life Grand 319


  • $0.99
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Reviews for this item

Shannon Geis 1/19/2009 12:57:20 AM

"It's been years since the show, but yes, one of the most amazing experiences ever. I could not have had a better time. Thank the Gods for this one!"

PATFIELD 9/18/2005 8:56:28 AM

"Look boys and girls, this here is the best three night run since Nawlins 10/26-28/2001. So... why don`t you do yourself a big ol` favor and download all three nights, pack up a bowl of your favorite breakfast cereal, and crank these gems up to about 11... NAMASTE! P.S. see y`all in B`ham, Knoxvegas (home sweet home), and over in Nashville... I can`t freakin` wait!!!"

Dougie 7/25/2005 6:24:20 PM

"Just got this from my pal in WA. Sick show . As I listen to it, it still doesn`t QUITE do for me what Asheville did. Grate...but lacking SOMETHING..hmmmmmmmmmmm.VACATION.....thassit. Barstools is smokin` as is `Pusherman` .Beatle`s cover `Run For Your Life` couldn`t have been a better choice. Better `Parson`s` than Asheville( though I hate to admit it).`Schoolgirl` was rockin` and thanks for the `Down` Todd.See ya`ll boyz backsatge in 4 days. peace until then "

jtwestfield 7/14/2005 10:42:40 AM

" "Schoolgirl" played with verve and zest AND THEN, morphed slightly into a Floydish "Money" type thing during the jam which presented a musically historical glimpse into the whole "Old black blues guys being idolized by all the young Brit rockers" and the musical connections back to the roots of this music we all love to death-----THAT what`s makes PANIC the first real breakout band of the new millenium!! It`s the onstage communication between six guys all focusing and concentrating on what each other is playing/singing----always knowing "the one beat" is out there floating free and able to be grasped----and being forced away from autopilot which most all bands hit song after song on a tour as long as this one. These guys are the real deal. ps to other reviewers----hey guess what, a lot of the freaking saleried Dead people were very redneck! (i was there and witnessed it firsthand several times)"

Sean M 7/12/2005 9:55:39 PM

"All night were really rockin`. Saturday was the grooviest (mostly because they played Fishwater and Ain`t life Grand). Hella tight jams, great cover of the Beatles. Speaking of Fishwater and ALG, check `em they were fucking awesome."