Widespread Panic

The Starlight Theatre

Kansas City, MO

Jun 25, 2014

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About Formats
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Show Notes
  • Drums  with Stanton Moore, aux drums
  • Weight of the World and I Put A Spell On You with Maggie Koerner, Vocals; Ben Ellman, sax; Corey Henry, Trombone

C-lent 3/13/2021 8:11:55 PM

"Always come back to this show for the diner! JB was speaking in tongues..put a spell on you is incredible "

wsmfp 3/23/2016 5:36:24 PM

"This was such a great show. Heroes opener really set the tone. Surprise\Bears sandwich was killer, as was the Diner. This was the last show I saw Todd play with the boys which of course I didn't know at the time but he was getting down so hard with Sunny and Stanton during drums - that was one of the things I always think about with this show. Weight was Killer and Spell was cool as well. As usual the boys really knocked it out of the park with the encore - Travelin Man was one of those moments where you could almost feel Mikey as the boys played. Very cool. A classic Junior to end it. A great show worth checking out for sure. "

Willeye 6/28/2014 10:39:15 AM

"What a great show. Everyone seemed to be having a good night. Jimmy was on fire! John's vocals were awesome, and Dave kept grooving me into a frenzy. wherever my ear wandered, there was great stuff happening. Everyone's got what they're looking for and their own opions, but I think these guys are really hitting a stride these days. They seem to be getting better every time I see them. They definately put a spell on me! "


Setlist at The Starlight Theatre, Kansas City, MO on Jun 25, 2014

Set One

Heroes 336


Wondering 273


Disco 320


Surprise Valley 419


Bear's Gone Fishin' 607


Surprise Valley 261


Little Lilly 525


Walk On 468


Give 288


Visiting Day 388


Who Do You Belong To? 321


Clinic Cynic 304


Diner 1040


Drums 644


Weight Of The World 359


I Put A Spell On You 453



Travelin' Man 322


Going Out West 338


Junior 359


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