Widespread Panic

Uptown Theater

Kansas City, MO

Jul 2, 2008

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About Formats
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Two Armed Steve 7/9/2008 10:27:30 PM

"What can you say? Wicked storm, an indoor rain delay, dancing trees at the Uptown, the setlist speaks for itself. Absolutely one to burn for the archives. Every band member had his time to shine and this was a special show. Most bands would phone it in after having the roof of the venue leak on them, but not WSP. The boys went the extra mile to make sure this one would not be one to forget. The Uptown is a small very special venue. It is a Pendergast building that was built in the 1920's, had it's heyday and fell into disrepair. It was renovated in the 1990's and is probably the best indoor venue in KC. The acoustics are incredible, even under the balcony and this is absolutely tbe best place to see a show. I feel really fortunate that the boys seem to really love this venue. And how lucky were we as fans to not only have these two shows to see, but having Jerry Joseph blocks to the south and Buddy Lee Rodgers blocks to the north as soon as the shows ended each night? Chris, can you put up the 5/6/03 and 5/7/03 shows from the Uptown? The acoustic set 1 from 5/7 was one I'll never forget. How bout 5/3/05 from Starlight (the best venue in KC)? Three for the Uptown in 2009! Thanks for the great times good people!"

chris 7/9/2008 10:09:15 PM

"this show was fire!opened very strong with climb 2 safety and never let let up.Even with indoor rain delay which served as a nice segue into last straw>stop-go.I've seen alot of these songs live many times,but they came off very fresh,and seemed alot like the first time.Tickle the truth opener for set two blew me away.the biggest highlight for me was the nod to john lennon with that Crippled Inside encore!Keep it up boys see you again soon."

chris22 7/9/2008 2:40:33 PM

"A full 3 hour show just about says it...longest, loudest, most likely the best show I've been to. This show is straight burn from top to finish...can't say enough good things; the setlist speaks for itself. COCONUT!?! This was my first trip to the Uptown and, unexpectedly, KC kicked the shit out of Red Rocks. The Rocks is still the best place to see a show in the Midwest, but these shows were simply better. The crowd had fantastic energy. Hats off to the people from FL in front of me on the balcony and to the guy that paraded the fake tree across the crowd during the middle of the second set. Bigtime show, no doubt."


Setlist at Uptown Theater, Kansas City, MO on Jul 2, 2008

Set One

Climb To Safety 392


Blue Indian 298


Time Zones 801


Weak Brain, Narrow Mind 382


The Last Straw 592


Stop-Go 793


Aunt Avis 513


Ride Me High 531


Tall Boy 268


Old Neighborhood 362


Set Two

Tickle The Truth 436


Can't Get High 226


Coconut 463


Diner 1209


Rebirtha 554


Greta 737


Papa's Home 548


Drums 547


Papa's Home 101


Smoking Factory 309


Flicker 585



Crippled Inside 265


Imitation Leather Shoes 274


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