Widespread Panic

Verizon Wireless Amphitheater

Charlotte, NC

Oct 3, 2009

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About Formats
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Show Notes
  • This Part of Town and Ain't LIfe Grand with John Keane.
  • You Should Be Glad with Derek Trucks.
  • Fishwater with Danny Louis.
  • End of the Show with Danny Hutchens and John Keane.

Zane 10/11/2009 8:01:05 AM

"Geoff, you really are embarrassing yourself. You think those bands are obscure? HAHAHA. I've seen lesh, Ratdog (twice in ATL this summer with Moe.), disco biscuits.. come on. What are you going to tell me next, listen to Keller Williams? Yes, you are a wanna be hippie. "

ashevegasgeoff 10/10/2009 10:30:18 AM

"ok "Zane." i've been listening to widespread for more than a decade, and i'm sorry. but it's GLORIFIED COUNTRY, you cuntrag. listen to some real music, disco biscuits.. glitch mob.. the dead.. bands that bring the heat. sorry friend, but i'm not a wanna-be hippy. i don't mind showering, and just because my parents grew up listening to the dead smoking that stinky green, doesn't mean i'm excactly like them. but it does make me cooler than you son. hope you live in a big city full of pricks, while i take it easy in the mountains. PC"

fun weekend in charlotte 10/7/2009 11:53:28 AM

"say what you want but i wasn't really that impressed with the panic show from saturday night. blackout blues was nice although i wish derek had come out for that one but diner, drums, u should be glad was definitely the best part of the show... the rest of the setlist was a little mainstream for my taste. now sunday panic redeemed themselves and brought the heat! heros was beautiful, papas-drums-papas-porch song-henry parsons with mr. soul to close it... now thats more like the panic that i came to see!"

GeoCarlin 10/7/2009 11:09:51 AM

"6:10 -11:15. Not too short of a show. Allman's started with a twenty five minute mountain jam that was just okay. It just wasn't great. But when JB and the boys came out, they just took off. Jimmy was suitably fired up. My only complaint was the jerks directly around us who had gotten so wasted that they kept falling down on my wife and hitting me. Have your fun, I had mine, but if you can't stand up, stand down. Kind of hurt the show for my wife who is a bigger Allman fan than WSP fan. I had a great show though, nine dollar beers and bathroom lines included. WSP tore it up. "

Zane 10/7/2009 3:32:41 AM

"Attention everyone: "ashevillegeoff" is a wanna be hippie that thinks he's cool because he started listening to Widespread last year. Jimmy playing both shows was great to see. He played well with the Allman bros. "


Setlist at Verizon Wireless Amphitheater, Charlotte, NC on Oct 3, 2009

Set One

Little Kin 407


Holden Oversoul 574


Surprise Valley 919


Pilgrims 434


Blackout Blues 497


This Part of Town 360


Ain't Life Grand 350


Diner 1117


Drums 264


You Should Be Glad 1018


Climb To Safety 383


Fishwater 783



End Of The Show 366


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