Widespread Panic

Viejas Concerts In The Park

Alpine, CA

Jul 1, 2007

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About Formats
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Alan Whitlock 7/5/2007 10:38:09 PM

"What a great show! The energy was great between you guys, and it was the usual SoCal laid back scene. Bowlegged was awesome ("Turn Left, Turn Left")!!"

wharfrat74 7/5/2007 11:13:13 AM

"It`s been a while. Alpine show was great. Interesting venue. Incredible pleas into love tractor. Loved Blue Indian in the encore. So beautiful! How lucky we are to have you guys jam great music for us. Thank you. wharfrat74"

Doug 7/5/2007 11:07:10 AM

"After seeing WP for the first time in March in Kansas City, I knew I was a SpreadHead for life. Knowing that I was moving to San Diego the first of June, I was on top of the world to find out that WP were going to be at Viejas, ordered a ticket and had the time of my life! Weather was perfect, the vibe of the crowd was great, & it was cool seeing JB & the boys from the front row. The 19-minute version of "Second Skin" was nothing short of astounding, but I might be prejudiced since it`s my current favorite SpreadSong. The guys are consummate professionals, and seeing Jimmy Herring upclose and murdering his guitar is always a spectacle worth writing hom to Mom about...not to mention that astounding percussion solo in the second set--wooHOO! Thanks for another great show, guys. Whenever our paths cross, I`ll be holding a ticket. Peace..."

happy camper 7/3/2007 8:31:19 AM

"wasn`t able to hit the LA shows but no worries, ALPINE was a great jam. Cool venue in the middle of the mountains outside of SAN. Was worried about the sound echoeing off the buildings that cirlced the area but the masters at the controls had it down and the sound was great. Looking forward to the show here at home in LAS! "

happy camper 7/3/2007 8:29:43 AM

"wasn`t able to hit the LA shows but no worries, ALPINE"


Setlist at Viejas Concerts In The Park, Alpine, CA on Jul 1, 2007

Set One

Weak Brain, Narrow Mind 333


Pleas 331


Love Tractor 357


Pickin' Up The Pieces 435


Weight Of The World 561


Don't Wanna Lose You 440


Flicker 332


She Caught The Katy 309


Rock 419


Set Two

Let's Get Down To Business 307


Thought Sausage 288


Second Skin 1131


Bears Gone Fishing 645


Impossible 443


Me And The Devil Blues 566


Goodpeople 582


Drums 477


Bowlegged Woman 687


Chilly Water 606



Blue Indian 356


Give 287


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