Widespread Panic

Von Braun Civic Center

Huntsville, AL

Apr 3, 1996

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About Formats
Show Notes
  • release date: June 23, 2009
  • Says Panic Archivist Horace Moore:

    For many, Huntsville 1996 defines that period in WP history.  Fresh off a well deserved ski vacation in the Rocky Mountains, where the music also took some time to stretch and relax, Widespread Panic charged into the Spring ‘96 tour with a renewed sense of energy and perspective.  On April 3rd at the Von Braun Civic Center in Huntsville, Alabama, it all came together and made an indelible mark on Panic history.  

Mikey B 7/31/2023 1:47:00 PM

"How does this show not have a single review? I was fortunate to be at Auburn ‘93-‘98 and hit shows all over the southeast. My friends didn’t peer pressure me enough to get up to Huntsville and this is the biggest miss on a panic show I’ve had. I wore out the Sit n Ski tour tapes, but they came and laid this monster down after that tour. Absolute fire and definitely in the top 5 all time shows."

None better than this 7/9/2023 10:56:06 AM

"I think we all can agree that Panic has endless amazing shows, but if you want perhaps the Holy Grail of Panic then look no further. Opener was hot hot, followed by possibly the best pigeons ever performed. It doesn’t slow down, after Pigeons they got down to business. Filthy Radio Child into a killer Pilgrims, into a surprising Solace. 1x1 is the into into Maggot Brain > Can’t Get High, then the first ever live Sandbox is truly magical. Set 1 closer Papa’s Home is an all-timer. Second set starts hot also. Diner > Porch > Pleas goodness gracious. After I’m Not Alone starts possibly the greatest 3 song run Panic has ever done. Tie Your Shoes > Arleen > Vacation is downright religious. Spiritual. Humbling. You will not be the same. Drums > Guilded Splinters > Blackout > Contentment > Love Tractor blew what little roof (if any) remained at the VBC into the cosmos. Perfect closer with Can’t Find My Way Home. If you’re debating which Panic show to listen to next, look no further than this."

heynow 3/11/2023 11:20:22 PM

"I hope everyone there knew how special this was. Listen to Mikey it’s unbelievable. I’m 22 and if i had a time machine to go back fo one show this is it. So panic and so perfect it’s amazing. All subjective and perfect for the time but this is it for me. 96 when all was good I assume and no one even thought about a Mikey-less panic. Everyone was probably my age in the crowd. Pinnacle, every damn song. "

beau 1/23/2010 8:23:58 AM

"Mikey and JB are like ham amd eggs. 96 - 2000 awesome times. "

C.Brown 1/11/2010 10:17:36 PM

"This ain't really a review, just want to say ... If you went to this show ... certainly, you'll want this recording in it's purest state. I've kicked myself for years for not attending, went to the shows preceding and immediately after, but skipped this one! Obviously, it's in the history books... If you've been listening to it like I have, in half-morbid, soundboard-mixed-with-audience form, you'll want to hear this. And you'll appreciate being able to send your good ole' daddy a copy after all the shows he's sent your sorry ass to after all these years. He deserves it. Tell him to put on CD Two and put it on Vacation! and tell your Mom you wanted her to hear Can't Find My Way Home! If you can make them listen the whole way from 'I'm Not Alone > Vacation,' they're worth keeping!"


Setlist at Von Braun Civic Center, Huntsville, AL on Apr 3, 1996

Set One

Better Off 334


Pigeons 610


Let's Get Down To Business 268


Radio Child 368


Pilgrims 401


Solace 98


1 x 1 307


Maggot Brain 479


Can't Get High 268


Sandbox 288


Papa's Home 623


Set Two

Diner 827


Porch Song 219


Pleas 354


I'm Not Alone 355


Tie Your Shoes 475


Arleen 858


Vacation 573


Drums 289


I Walk On Guilded Splinters 730


Blackout Blues 356


Contentment Blues 366


Love Tractor 396



Can't Find My Way Home 351


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