Widespread Panic

Walnut Creek Amphitheatre

Raleigh, NC

Apr 24, 2010

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About Formats
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Show Notes
  • North with Jerry Joseph On Guitar & Vocals
  • Drums with Wally Ingram On Percussion
  • Vampire Blues with Ryan Monroe on Keys

atomic dawg 2/18/2018 9:55:43 AM

"LOL George McConnell!!!"

Sensi1013 5/6/2010 6:33:42 AM

"Garcia, You are right about this one brother. It's NOT a heater, the only thing keeping me warm the whole show was the "Chilly Water". I was at 3 Rivers as well and at least we had a sunny day, a lawn and beer to keep us comfortable during "cows come home". I like Jimmy don't get me wrong, but in honor of your upcoming Red Rocks trip go back to '05 RR and check out George throwing it down on the Chilly. JB cut him off bc he just didn't know what to think of all that playing! You got a real treat last night in Greenville. As soon as it posts I will be buying it. "

SCgarcia 5/1/2010 8:50:56 PM

"I dont agree with Sensi at all about wanting George back, even though i think he is a fine guitarist. I can agree with him that this was the worst show i've ever seen them play...and that includes 2005 3 Rivers Music Festival. The energy in the crowd stunk. I had a lawn ticket, A LAWN TICKET, and the lawn was closed. That is how pitiful the showing was, and then...well download and listen. If you get a new years show like this past one, and then have this...you leave scratchin' your head. I've seen em' 60 times and will be there Cinco De Mayo in Greenville, SC...and just got my Red Rocks tickets. So, i will be back. Just dont be fooled, Raleigh 2010 is NOT the heater."

wilmpanicfan 4/27/2010 6:21:44 AM

"Great show. Well played. Got some different songs, which for me, was quite refreshing. The jam out of Travelin Man was terrific. Xmas Katie is always welcomed. Saw the band for the MB run and was glad to not get many repeats. Great weekend! Thank you WSP!!!"

Sensi1013 4/26/2010 7:11:34 PM

"It set the mood alright. For one of the worst shows in Panic history. You can't just ignore Raleigh in 2009 and come back in 2010 and throw something like that on the grill. I want George back."


Setlist at Walnut Creek Amphitheatre, Raleigh, NC on Apr 24, 2010

Set One

Tall Boy 319


  • $0.99
Holden Oversoul 635


  • $0.99
Christmas Katie 491


  • $0.99
Weight Of The World 354


  • $0.99
Dyin' Man 308


  • $0.99
Bear's Gone Fishin' 588


  • $0.99
Aunt Avis 381


  • $0.99
Who Do You Belong To? 362


  • $0.99
North 512


  • $0.99

Set Two

Drums 916


  • $1.29
Second Skin 821


  • $1.29
Tickle The Truth 320


  • $0.99
Sleeping Man 438


  • $0.99
Dirty Side Down 270


  • $0.99
Travelin' Man 463


  • $0.99
Her Dance Needs No Body 557


  • $0.99
Vampire Blues 507


  • $0.99
Makes Sense To Me 253


  • $0.99
Chilly Water 623


  • $0.99


Ain't Life Grand 342


  • $0.99
Love Tractor 368


  • $0.99

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