Widespread Panic

Wanee Festival

Live Oak, FL

Apr 16, 2010

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bellwitchcaveman 5/13/2010 12:50:08 PM

"I did not attend this show.If I did,I WOULD HAVE ENJOYED IT!BUT,this is my .02 on this download,in the comfort of my home with a couple of tallboys. Give-standard,raging opener Tallboy-standard Chilly>Pleas>Chilly-seemed rushed,a little sloppy Blue Indian-uptempo,swinged harder than usual-good but not real tight. PAYMH-standard,seemed more mellow than usual Ribs & Whiskey-standard molasses version,too long for little pay-off Bowlegged-decent,I hear a "Down On The Farm" or "Fame" tease by Schools,he keeps goin for a good bit on it. Holden Oversoul-standard StopGo-I liked hearing JoJo tease the melody on piano before Schools drops in.sounds like Jimmy and Schools are battling for lead time in the middle break.reggae break has JB rapping Leonard Cohen's "That Dont Make It Junk".Other than some neat melody quotes by JoJo and the Cohen rap,another standard version. Diner-standard...cool fills by Jimmy at the end. YSBG-good.great,underrated high-hat work by Nance.high energy to close the set. ProteinDrink/Sewing Machine-honestly,the only highlight of a mediocre show.this was really the only song JB's voice sounded like it should. OVERALL RATING: 5.9/10(i get this rating by licking my finger and sticking it in the air to feel the breeze,with a hint of gut feelin') -struggling tempos,sloppy play,no jams with any direction.unfocused vocals by JB. +"That Dont Make It Junk" rap,"Blue Indian" swing,"Protein/Sewing" "

rich 4/20/2010 8:55:01 PM

"let me start by saying that if i had it my way, which rarely if ever happens, i would have the panic play from sunrise to 2 am...not gonna happen, right?! next, this is traditionally an ABB event...so, the main act rightfully goes to them if they so choose. next, the minute you add the panic to the playbill, think about your overhead costs to include but not limited to increased staff, increased security, band and management fees, and last but not least and often overlooked, the liability insurance premium to cover double the number of attendees. it is no secret the panic pulls the balls to the wall have a good time fans...something happens to one of these fans, i dont know say a drug overdose on festival property = lawsuit. the promoters have to cover the possibility of this happening. and last, time constraints. there were lots of really good musicians all requiring a set amount of playtime. what i can say that surely everyone else heard, was the bands (wsp) outward vocal appreciation for being invited and afforded the stage that was alloted to them. imo, very cool. last but not least, if you dont like the terms of the festival, go to club "feel good" for a local act."

kilo 4/19/2010 9:09:05 AM

"Just got back to RI from Wanee. Unreal show! I would pay double price for half as long a set. Everybody wants somethin' for nothin'. Stop whining and buy the show!!!!"

JaxWrangler 4/19/2010 5:49:11 AM

"Great setting for an early evening set. Jimmy melted the moss from the trees of the Suwannee Music Park -- Holden > Stop Go > Diner. I am downloading NOW to relive WSP taking over Wanee!!!! "

Alex The Cat 4/18/2010 11:56:42 PM

"What are you people talking about? These shows were heat man. I just got back to PA from Wanee. I'm listening to them now. Are you looking at song times or listened to it even? "


Setlist at Wanee Festival, Live Oak, FL on Apr 16, 2010

Set One

Give 321


Tall Boy 473


Chilly Water 268


Pleas 373


Chilly Water 344


Blue Indian 312


Party At Your Mama's House 513


Ribs and Whiskey 588


Bowlegged Woman 686


Holden Oversoul 441


Stop-Go 922


Diner 829


You Should Be Glad 737


Protein Drink/Sewing Machine 703


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