Widespread Panic

Wanee Festival

Live Oak, FL

Apr 17, 2010

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About Formats
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Show Notes

Show Notes

  • Slippin Into Darkness Featuring Luther Dickinson on Guitar and Steve Lopez on Percussion
  • North Featuring Warren Haynes on Guitar



JaxWrangler 4/19/2010 6:07:39 AM

"Night #2 at Wanee- everyone was having fun and the anticipation of more WSP was in the air. I met many folks who were new to WSP, and I know they left Wanee having seen two great sets of music. Great flow of songs early in the set. Pigeons followed by All Time Low (one of my fav's.) got the festy folks rowdy and kicked up alot of dust!!!! Being about 10 feet off the rail infront of the Herring side of the stage payed off BIGTIME!!!!! It was a real treat to see Luther come out for Slippin' Into Darkness. Luther and Jimmy were having a great time trading licks and playing off eachother. North with Warren, f'n yeah!!!! "

hydr01960 4/18/2010 10:42:32 PM

"I normally end a panic show thinking it was a great show and occasionally I think the show is sub par. But after this show I couldn't even speak. I have never been so satisfied with a night of music BEFORE the Allman Brothers and Derek Trucks Band played!!!! And then guess what happened.....Allmans threw it down every bit as hard. Incredible show guys. Come back to Indiana soon!!!"

ellisdee25 4/18/2010 7:58:14 PM

"I was there for both Wanee shows and was totally blown away!!! The sound & performance were both stellar!! Regardless of some people griping about festival show prices, I say definitely download both Wanee shows...you won't be disappointed! Peace"

Paul K 4/18/2010 1:57:09 PM

"I must say it was nice to finally have "the boys" at the premier southern rock fest. Good tunes and I hope this becomes a regular gig for WSP.......loved that Slippin' as the night fell!!!"


Setlist at Wanee Festival, Live Oak, FL on Apr 17, 2010

Set One

Ain't Life Grand 318


Pigeons 542


All Time Low 479


City Of Dreams 362


Fishwater 869


Angels On High 430


Papa's Home 894


Jack 416


Bust It Big 731


Driving Song 250


Love Tractor 493


Driving Song 333


Slippin' Into Darkness 793


North 663


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