LOCKN' Festival

Arrington, VA

Aug 20, 2021

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@ Dude 12/20/2021 4:06:35 PM

"Yeah, these guys rule. Been a fan for quite a while now, and would never expect them to be a band I'd see on Nugs. Also would not have expected their live shows to have multiple 10+ min songs. Very pleased to see them on here. Try their studio albums, also. Great melodies and musicianship. Glad you enjoyed. Been trying to tell folks about them for years. "

Dude 12/19/2021 11:11:49 PM

"Put this on at random never heard of these guys killer set covering Sabbath these guys slay "

Jam band dan 12/17/2021 3:37:28 PM

"Heavy man, real heavy!!"

That guy 12/16/2021 9:24:33 PM

"Lockn did not happen so please do not call this set from lockn festival btw fuck Pete Shapero he could hold the best fest around but too money hungry but thanx for that derk and Ernie "

A fellow gooser 12/16/2021 8:53:48 PM

"Went to Fred fest originally to see Goose and all things Goose never heard of Dawes before Fred but I am a HUGE Black Sabbath fan ( the early years with Ozzy ). So when I saw that they were performing a Paranoid set I was unlimitedly intrigued. Was very fortunate enough to ride rail for my first ever Dawes show. Needless to say Dawes burned down the stage that night and I've been hooked ever since. Dawes fucks and if you've never heard of the band Goose I'd highly recommend to give them a listen "


Setlist at LOCKN' Festival, Arrington, VA on Aug 20, 2021

Set One

War Pigs 687


Paranoid 217


Planet Caravan / Iron Man 903


Electric Funeral 424


Hand Of Doom 736


Rat Salad 413


Fairies Wear Boots 754


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