Dogs In A Pile

Summer Camp Music Festival

Chillicothe, IL

May 27, 2023

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About Formats
About Formats

Amy 6/8/2023 6:59:02 AM

"Man… after meeting Jeremy in the VIP lounge after the early set, I asked them to play go set. He told me they would. Oh my gosh what an opener!!!!!! Thanks boys, so much, for making this Florida girls day!!!"

dawgs mang 6/7/2023 4:28:00 PM

"this band is juiced to the max all set long ??????"


Setlist at Summer Camp Music Festival, Chillicothe, IL on May 27, 2023

Set One

Go Set 896


Let U Go 453


Stranger 440


Appleseed 684


Yum T. Dum 194


Royals 578


Trunk Rum 416


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