Dogs In A Pile

Ventura County Fairgrounds

Ventura, CA

Apr 22, 2023

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About Formats
About Formats
Show Notes
All Along the Watchtower was a continuation from the previous band, Brown Eyed Women, as they left the stage playing the song

Fun listen 5/4/2023 3:54:00 PM

"Crazy how much these vocals sound like bobby"

Dallas Dog Pile Guy 4/28/2023 4:37:34 PM

"This shit sounds crispy and is a super fun listen. What a nice day to have probably been hangin at Skull and Roses. The potential with this band in this world, in this world is to the fucking moon!"


Setlist at Ventura County Fairgrounds, Ventura, CA on Apr 22, 2023

Set One

All Along The Watchtower 66


Can't Wait for Tonight 307


Hell In A Bucket 396


Ugly Song 326


Look Johnny 633


All The Same 304


Fenway 514


Let It Grow 758


Charlie 1186


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