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About Formats
About Formats
Show Notes

Downtime - 09/10/21

Notes: Downtime is one of our “signature songs” so to speak. This version features a jam with lots of chord changes, multiple peaks, and a variety of feels.

So Many Days - 02/04/22

Notes: A fresh take on one of our recent new singles with a soaring, uplifting jam surrounded by deep funk grooves.

Peg (ft. Kris Myers) - 06/19/22

Notes: We welcomed Kris Myers, drummer for Umphrey’s McGee, on stage with us for a cover of this classic Steely Dan tune.

The Way - 04/15/22

Notes: This version of “The Way” is from Rancho Relaxo, our annual pseudo-festival in the suburbs of Austin, Texas. This particular rendition welcomes a new approach to the jam section compared to previous versions, that lent itself to a funk-based pocket sprinkled with lots of “So Fresh, So Clean” (Outkast) teases.

Wunderbar - 01/07/22

Notes: Featuring 2 jams, this version of Wunderbar keeps the energy high the whole way.

Jessica - 07/27/22

Notes: A cover of the classic Allman Brothers Band tune.

Hacer Sex - 08/13/22

Notes: The most talked about jam from our first ever own music festival, Elevation Festival. Set in Alma, Colorado, this is the highest elevation festival in the country.

Cowboy Jordan - 04/08/22

Notes: Over 22 minutes in length, this version of Cowboy Jordan is about as patient as we get!

Rosanna - 09/05/21

Notes: Toto cover with a big extended jam/guitar solo at the end.

Great Celebration - 02/04/22

Notes: We invited our friend/percussionist Russell Fisher to play steel pan on the jam in this song. This is the only time Eminence Ensemble has ever performed alongside this type of percussion sound.

Stayin’ Alive - 05/15/21

Notes: Bee Gees cover. We embraced our goofy side on this one, having guitarist Justin Neely put down his guitar to assume the role of the frontman on lead vocals. The middle contains a lengthy funk jam aimed to make the crowd dance as much as possible.

Wunderbar - 02/14/21

Notes: We brought our friends Chris Duffy (Magic Beans) on bass and Alex Cazet (Mama Magnolia) on saxophone to help us out on this one. Sax is featured throughout the whole song.

Sledgehammer - 02/14/21

Notes: Peter Gabriel cover. Alex Cazet and Matt Wilkolak on saxophone and trumpet, respectively. The middle jam features lengthy horn solos and big builds.



Downtime 969


So Many Days 862


Peg 282


The Way 1086


Wunderbar 1175


Jessica 456


Hacer Sex 724


Cowboy Jordan 1331


Rosanna 526


Great Celebration 986


Stayin' Alive 696


Wunderbar 863


Sledgehammer 687


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