Jack White

The Kia Forum

Los Angeles, CA

Jan 14, 2023

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About Formats
About Formats
Show Notes

Mixed by Brett Orrison


GW 4/6/2023 1:16:35 PM

"JW can’t make bad music- impossible. He relaxes on this and explores his guitar range, the band is incredibly tight. They have put a ton of time into this scope of work. The mix is unbelievably precise for live big arena sound- with all those amps running full blast the audio engineer masters the bands volume levels and Jack’s excellent vocals tightly together which I feel is what finalizes this as one of White’s absolutely greatest live recordings to date. Crank it up and you won’t be sorry- excellent ‘Steely Dan’ level live quality. "


Setlist at The Kia Forum, Los Angeles, CA on Jan 14, 2023

Set One

Intro 110


Taking Me Back 211


Fear of the Dawn 172


Hi-De-Ho 264


What's the Trick? 247


A Tip From You To Me 176


Icky Thump 219


Steady, As She Goes 447


Seven Nation Army 376


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