Setlist at Electric Forest Rothbury, MI on Jun 20, 2024

Set One
Crowd 50
Hide And Seek 557
The Deal 1314
I-man 847
Orch Theme 1623
Boom 606
Ring The Doorbell Twice 613
Dino Baby 194
In The End We Have Forever 504
Fire Will Exchange 555
Hide And Seek 303
Electric Forest
Rothbury, MI
Jun 20, 2024

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Setlist at Electric Forest Rothbury, MI on Jun 20, 2024

Set One
Crowd 50
Hide And Seek 557
The Deal 1314
I-man 847
Orch Theme 1623
Boom 606
Ring The Doorbell Twice 613
Dino Baby 194
In The End We Have Forever 504
Fire Will Exchange 555
Hide And Seek 303

Show Notes

Hide and Seek - Imogen Heap; FTP as The Disco Biscuits

I-Man - Unfinished

Orch Theme - with "O Fortuna" (Carl Orff) and "Dirt Man" (Carter Vail) samples

BOOM - Tiesto & Sevenn ft. Gucci Mane

In The End We Have Forever - FTP; New original (instrumental only)

Fire Will Exchange - Inverted

Photo by Tara Gracer

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Ashleigh 7/19/2024 12:10:49 PM

"Came for the Biscuits, stayed for the comments. ?? never change, fam. Decided to throw this on while doing some house cleaning and ended up having a solo dance in the living room. I-Man->Orch Theme is beyond massive. Loving all the energy with these guys right now. "

Trees Aren't Real 7/4/2024 7:09:01 AM

"Gas Jerry, Gassss. This is a "I don't like the Biscuits but I like to feel funny in my loins" kinda show. "

roger_rabble 7/3/2024 12:36:53 PM

"This was a real good time. The area between the soundboard and the stage was complete mayhem. Animals in full effect. "

A 7/2/2024 7:12:36 PM

"Generational Biscuits"

Slumberjack 7/1/2024 3:00:44 PM

"Good times for sure! So, that whole show felt like a combination of a Tractorbeam and Biscuits show. The I-man felt like a perfume version Techno/House I-man. Orch is definitely a Tractorbeam cover of the Conspirator track. It's like they've integrated all of the versions of themselves into a single entity and running with it. "

Bhole McGee 6/26/2024 8:47:19 PM

"?? wasn’t there but this is a dope festy set. Glad they played end of hide and seek (sorta). The orch surprise is sick even with flubby timing. It’s not haymaker or roo but it’s up there for me. Check out the whole thing, really. New song weak spot, sure it’ll grow into a monster but doesn’t hit for me yet. 6.8 buttholes. "

Oogabooga 6/26/2024 2:13:28 PM

"Best set of the weekend!! This orch theme has been on repeat since I’ve been home <3 b4lsiyd4l thank you biscuits. Biscoland up next!! "

Larry 6/26/2024 9:58:40 AM

"The B4L freight trains rolls on!"

Eman711 6/25/2024 4:00:53 PM

"The new music continues. Awesome that the songs r flowing still. Excited for July got Biscoland and AC. They r gonna destroy Peach after dark. They were always considered too wild for the old Peach 1st yr it's w a different organization and they r playing not a coincidence. B4MFL"

Astronate 6/25/2024 9:28:25 AM

"Keep a little dirt under my pillow for the dirt man"

RCMike 6/25/2024 7:40:02 AM

"This Orch made me buy bigger speakers "

Deighton 6/25/2024 4:58:25 AM

"I did not attend but great jamming and song selection. My only concern is toooo many samples and they typically hurt the replay value unless it hits just right"

GRVtoad 6/24/2024 4:45:39 PM

"Scorchin hot. Loses a lil steam around dino baby but it picks back up. New DnB track is gonna get hot hot. The monster orch theme takes the cake for me. Don't stop the samples Magz!!!!! Cheers."

InclementWeather 6/24/2024 1:13:35 PM

"This set tried to get Electric Forest canceled before I did."

Space_Mase 6/24/2024 10:43:38 AM

"Great set! That APOA brabz did leading into hide and seek had me. Def agree with the 2019 new songs coming back for a revisit but not for this. *Long Live The Disco Biscuits* Maybe you know this move!"

Spun_Simba 6/24/2024 2:55:45 AM

"Someone needs a bunker buster to the deemster trench #untz #untz #untz"

Robert 6/23/2024 5:12:12 PM

"Imagine complaining about untz in 2024... you're on Nugs, nothing's stopping you from listening to a 20+ year old show, fuckin' babies. As for the rest of us, this might have been the best kind of set for them to drop at a festival filled with young edm fans. I-Man and Orch are pure heat, as is RttDT. The fact they had the confidence to drop a new song (even T-beam'd) in the middle of a prime-time festival slot speaks volumes to the mentality of this band right now. Don't miss 'em."

Umpanicking44 6/23/2024 4:25:19 PM

"Just straight gas. "

E Man 6/23/2024 12:38:44 PM

"If you don't think this show absolutely rips, your opinion is objectively worthless. Welcome back, tDB, the second half of the year is looking nice."

Solstice 6/23/2024 7:43:31 AM

"As usual , tdb upstage a whole festie with their set. Teases of solstice in Iman and ...later on somewhere. Excited for that return. "

Dan M 6/23/2024 6:03:08 AM

"Highlight of the entire festival so far. The stamina and intensity of this band has no equal. "

B42L 6/22/2024 3:29:16 PM

"New DnB song was a nice change to the constant same “untz” beat throughout the rest of the show. Miss jazzy biscuits "

Karlzard 6/22/2024 3:28:48 PM

"Absolute honkers"

HawkTuah2024 6/22/2024 2:02:09 PM

"This set convinced me to send it to Biscoland... the Iman and Orch were top fuckin tier "

Jeff 6/22/2024 11:43:33 AM

"This Orch makes me feel like I can punch a hole through fabric of time"

Kyle 6/22/2024 11:17:01 AM

"Hottest band around right now. By a mile."

BSOTM 6/22/2024 7:47:27 AM

"Wow, talk about a forest fire!"

The Dude 6/22/2024 6:42:18 AM

"Orch Theme is absolutely sick. Nasty show all together "

Jim Borton 6/22/2024 4:14:47 AM

"This show is great. New instrumental is ok, feels a little more developed than most of the space opera songs were when they debuted but im left wondering why we aren’t getting back to songs that got shelved for the pandemic…… clocks, Freebis, running, anthem, 4th of July etc…… those songs and I’m sure some in forgetting all deserve to be revisited, surely more deserving than learning new covers :/ show is hot fire still. B4L"

Digital Buddha 6/21/2024 4:04:31 PM

"In the end> FWE had a lot of potential but was rushed. Love FWE though super dope track. First half strong show. Orch theme with the o fortuna was very creative but timing can be improved. Latter half felt rushed without much exploration. New song is disjointed but has cool ideas. Looking forward to its development over time. Solid B/B- show "

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