The Disco Biscuits

Mann Music Center

Philadelphia, PA

Sep 27, 2014

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About Formats
About Formats

B4Layover 9/8/2023 1:03:35 AM

"If you've ever had a connecting flight through Philly, then you already know you'll be running late on your day of travel, so just imagine how long you'll be there when all flights are canceled to your final destination; long enough to go to city bisco!!!! The central theme to the whole weekend was spontaneity... I just happened to be there. They just happened to do that unforgettable perfume set. This just happens to be the only post 09 show I continuously revisit. Seriously, the 711>pih, kitchen mitts was once in a lifetime! Then they tastefully jammed the fuck out of the rest of the show!!! I was getting down so hard during the second set; like an angelic mosh pit party of one, as I casually bumped into all my stationary friends who had planned to be there. ... and hey, living on cheesesteaks for 48 hours certainly did not suck!!! But in all seriousness, even compared to my next bisco shows, which required a passport, this one still goes down as my most unforgettable show of 2014!!!!"

bnoring 1/25/2016 12:44:09 PM

"City Bisco 2014: Day Three I've got to admit the sound on some of these 2014 shows takes some getting used to, however with the proper volume, balance and tweaks this show has some amazing moments. I certainly think the Biscuit sound guys strive to make a live recording that really sounds like the concert - ambiance and all, and that's another reason these shows are so addictive to listen to. Three set show here, and the last day (and so far year) of the bands City Bisco fest. All good shows but I think this one takes the cake overall. The first set is "the Perfume" set which the bands uses different styles of music and arrangements to their own songs. Sounds odd but it's largely damn good, and one of this shows highlights. You've never heard a "7-11" like this one. Set two is overall the weakest set but a great run through "Caterpillar" >"Little Betty Boop" > "Caterpillar" makes up for it. The band saved the best for set three with a great "Crickets" starting off one of their best set of the year. A monster "Orch Theme" is another highlight. Oddly this show isn't much longer then their regular shows, but there is a nice freshness to each set that I'm sure made this show one worth staying up late(r) for. One of the best of 2014."


Setlist at Mann Music Center, Philadelphia, PA on Sep 27, 2014

Set One

Intro 112


Frog Legs 257


Mindless Dribble 1284


7-11 886


Pilin' It Higher 475


Kitchen Mitts 270


Set Two

Intro 64


Little Lai 673


The Caterpillar 839


Little Betty Boop 762


The Caterpillar 590


On Time 368


Little Lai 211


Set Three

Intro 55


Crickets 1422


42 944


Orch Theme 685


Tempest 439


Aquatic Ape 671


42 430



Helicopters 382


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