The Disco Biscuits

Starscape Music Festival

Baltimore, MD

Jun 6, 2009

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About Formats
About Formats
Show Notes
  • There is a short cut in Cyclone. About 30 seconds of music are missing.

Invertedhab 7/7/2022 9:19:36 AM

"This was a great night. Solid set. They played until the sun came up then we hit eoto. Good times!!!"

Biscomojo 9/10/2021 9:02:21 AM

"1 of best shows of 2009, which is 1 of best if not best for tDB. ??Show start to finish! Show of the year contestant, don’t sleep on this amazing show!!!"

Cris Review 9/5/2021 7:21:46 PM

"Pretty Chill."

Justin 5/14/2021 10:22:46 AM

"This was the show that started it all for me. I went into starscape an edm kid and left as a Biscuits MAN. Unbelievable show and holds up so well over time. 56 shows later and this one is still in my top 3 that I've seen. Sunrise robots was one of my favorite music experiences ever!"

Cris 8/5/2020 7:46:01 AM

"dude, really CANNOT go wrong with much of bisco 2009 showz -> & I'm talkin just 'as a whole'!!! However, there are, of course (just like any of the other best tours from bisco's dayz-past!), a good 'MAYBE', like 10 or 12 (approx...) handful of standouts from those tours -> & then, FINALLY, about less than a single handful of just pure ragers that can contend for being in the conversation 4 {• BEST-OF'zzz...! •}; ...either in that particular tour, or possibly even in their entire show-load in the vault of all the bisco showz, from the beginning to now!!! That being said, I'd rate this as possibilty being a 'Top_10' level show -> but that's in relation to the year of 2009 bisco showz, ONLY...! I only say this because this particular year (09') of bisco just has WAY_2_MANY Standout-Showz 2 even try & keep track of!!! Also, another thing that adds to my high review of this one is the fact that it's 'STARSCAPE'...&, if you've ever been, you know what I mean! I truly believe in atmosphere playing a HUGE role in what can make a show great, & ever since i went with my buddy in 06' to see their first time headlining this festival, I was pretty mind-blown (& I guarantee it WASN'T just the amazing gellie'z I got from a really pretty blonde girl wearing light-sticks from head to toe in the front-row -> so, chk this show out, cuz Starscape showz always seem 2 have a hunt of extra electronica feel 2 them, imo! Perhaps, maybe, trying 2 play more 2 the particular audience in-attendance...or, could just be my own imagination!!! PS: The dude who posted-in a review before me: the one who used the word 'FAGGOT' (which I'm allowed 2 say, being outwardly gay myself, & proud of it...!) -> I believe should DEF be removed from this review forum!!! it's offensive 2 me, & the struggles I've endured for having 2 navigate this life and accept who I am, in-addition 2 ALL the ridicule that comes with it when you finally decide 2 be honest to yourself, then the world/society, bout it! Plus, News-Flash, bisco-headz: it 'IS' possible 2 be an avid/obsessively-crazed biscuits-fan, & be gay, too!!! It's FUKING 2020, ppl...! GROW THE FUK UP!!! Thx 4 listening/bein patient thru 2 the end of my ramble, but I felt I had a responsibility! Ppl who still think/speak that way are helping this world/country/scene do the EXACT OPPOSITE of 'Progressing' or 'Evolving'... Peace & Love, y'all!!! - Cris - ??????????????"


Setlist at Starscape Music Festival, Baltimore, MD on Jun 6, 2009

Set One

Banter 59


  • $0.99
Uber Glue 306


  • $0.99
Caves Of The East 804


42 834


Abraxas 931


42 335


  • $0.99
Park Ave. 559


  • $0.99
Strobelights And Martinis 633


  • $0.99
Cyclone 112


  • $0.99
Strobelights And Martinis 293


  • $0.99

Set Two

Banter 55


  • $0.99
Rockafella 632


  • $0.99
Caterpillar 947


Voices Insane 534


  • $0.99
Orch Theme 619


  • $0.99
The Great Abyss 719


  • $0.99
Spacebirdmatingcall 673


  • $0.99
Caterpillar 341


  • $0.99
Hot Air Balloon 421


  • $0.99
Basis For A Day 101


  • $0.99
Sabre Dance 392


  • $0.99


Humuhumunukunukuapua'a 527


  • $0.99
Save The Robots 1183


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