The Disco Biscuits

Starscape Music Festival

Baltimore, MD

Jun 6, 2009

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About Formats
About Formats
Show Notes
  • There is a short cut in Cyclone. About 30 seconds of music are missing.

Biscomojo 9/10/2021 9:02:21 AM

"1 of best shows of 2009, which is 1 of best if not best for tDB. ??Show start to finish! Show of the year contestant, don’t sleep on this amazing show!!!"

Cris Review 9/5/2021 7:21:46 PM

"Pretty Chill."

Justin 5/14/2021 10:22:46 AM

"This was the show that started it all for me. I went into starscape an edm kid and left as a Biscuits MAN. Unbelievable show and holds up so well over time. 56 shows later and this one is still in my top 3 that I've seen. Sunrise robots was one of my favorite music experiences ever!"

Cris 8/5/2020 7:46:01 AM

"dude, really CANNOT go wrong with much of bisco 2009 showz -> & I'm talkin just 'as a whole'!!! However, there are, of course (just like any of the other best tours from bisco's dayz-past!), a good 'MAYBE', like 10 or 12 (approx...) handful of standouts from those tours -> & then, FINALLY, about less than a single handful of just pure ragers that can contend for being in the conversation 4 {• BEST-OF'zzz...! •}; ...either in that particular tour, or possibly even in their entire show-load in the vault of all the bisco showz, from the beginning to now!!! That being said, I'd rate this as possibilty being a 'Top_10' level show -> but that's in relation to the year of 2009 bisco showz, ONLY...! I only say this because this particular year (09') of bisco just has WAY_2_MANY Standout-Showz 2 even try & keep track of!!! Also, another thing that adds to my high review of this one is the fact that it's 'STARSCAPE'...&, if you've ever been, you know what I mean! I truly believe in atmosphere playing a HUGE role in what can make a show great, & ever since i went with my buddy in 06' to see their first time headlining this festival, I was pretty mind-blown (& I guarantee it WASN'T just the amazing gellie'z I got from a really pretty blonde girl wearing light-sticks from head to toe in the front-row -> so, chk this show out, cuz Starscape showz always seem 2 have a hunt of extra electronica feel 2 them, imo! Perhaps, maybe, trying 2 play more 2 the particular audience in-attendance...or, could just be my own imagination!!! PS: The dude who posted-in a review before me: the one who used the word 'FAGGOT' (which I'm allowed 2 say, being outwardly gay myself, & proud of it...!) -> I believe should DEF be removed from this review forum!!! it's offensive 2 me, & the struggles I've endured for having 2 navigate this life and accept who I am, in-addition 2 ALL the ridicule that comes with it when you finally decide 2 be honest to yourself, then the world/society, bout it! Plus, News-Flash, bisco-headz: it 'IS' possible 2 be an avid/obsessively-crazed biscuits-fan, & be gay, too!!! It's FUKING 2020, ppl...! GROW THE FUK UP!!! Thx 4 listening/bein patient thru 2 the end of my ramble, but I felt I had a responsibility! Ppl who still think/speak that way are helping this world/country/scene do the EXACT OPPOSITE of 'Progressing' or 'Evolving'... Peace & Love, y'all!!! - Cris - ??????????????"

Aaaaight!!! 9/11/2009 12:11:10 PM

"^^^^ Whatever custee. this festival Is the shit and was long before biscuits got involved. Then it became even better! Your a weak ass chump. We don't want your kind showing up at our parties. All you do is whine and complain than your faggot ass stands in my way while I'm trying dance. People who know how to party go to Starscape every year not just for recreation but for the musical talent and the row of artist selling their merch and the awesome family of people. I'm glad you won't be back pussy. Stick to your dumpster mcflee show where its still acceptable to hit on minors. Those guys got there heads stuck so far up their ass that it somehow managed to resurface back out of their mouths again. Maybe you can stand in your cold kitchen and finger your ass next year."


Setlist at Starscape Music Festival, Baltimore, MD on Jun 6, 2009

Set One

Banter 59


  • $0.99
Uber Glue 306


  • $0.99
Caves Of The East 804


42 834


Abraxas 931


42 335


  • $0.99
Park Ave. 559


  • $0.99
Strobelights And Martinis 633


  • $0.99
Cyclone 112


  • $0.99
Strobelights And Martinis 293


  • $0.99

Set Two

Banter 55


  • $0.99
Rockafella 632


  • $0.99
Caterpillar 947


Voices Insane 534


  • $0.99
Orch Theme 619


  • $0.99
The Great Abyss 719


  • $0.99
Spacebirdmatingcall 673


  • $0.99
Caterpillar 341


  • $0.99
Hot Air Balloon 421


  • $0.99
Basis For A Day 101


  • $0.99
Sabre Dance 392


  • $0.99


Humuhumunukunukuapua'a 527


  • $0.99
Save The Robots 1183


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