The Disco Biscuits


Atlanta, GA

Apr 13, 2024

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About Formats
About Formats
Show Notes

Eye of the Tiger - with "Waterfalls" (TLC) and "So Fresh, So Clean" (OutKast) samples,

Ring the Doorbell Twice - with "BOOM" (Tiesto & Sevenn feat. Gucci Mane) samples,

Little Betty Boop - Middle only,

Mindless Dribble - with "Hey Ya!" (OutKast) samples,

Photograph - with "Rio" (Duran Duran) samples,

Another Plan of Attack - with "Waterfalls" (TLC) samples,

Photo by Brittany Teuber


Georgie 4/15/2024 5:08:19 AM

"GOD F’N DAMN! This band is so amazing ?? right now I don’t know what to say anymore, this tour just ended but I wish it would never end! So godamn good! Wow! "

Shady_one 4/14/2024 11:55:40 AM

"Been listening to these boys for 25 years, and had my mind blown at this show. The samples were absolutely spot on, music was tight, energy was off the wall, and the entire production was in sync. The boys are thriving on stage, and knew they were melting our heads. Seeing Brownie smiling and dancing is the ultimate payoff. They have my attention more than anytime in their history. Give this show a listen, all the way through and hang on!! B4L"

Sudds 4/14/2024 8:57:15 AM

"Well that was a fantastic 100th show! "

Betty White 4/14/2024 6:46:42 AM

"“Chef’s kiss” entire show. What a banger!!! Tdb be crushing it of late."

Beaser 4/14/2024 3:52:40 AM

"Hawt damn. The OutKast sample hit perfect and was apropros given their proximity to Decatur and the Dungeon family. I’ve heard, seen and felt some Biscuits many many times before but this is just like a whole other level insofar as playing and very intentional, tight, and so engaging. like a very well articulated stream of consciousness musical conversation between four “road-tested” musicians. The entire time. On N35(?) of a long ass tour. They hit it and just don’t quit it. Plus The creative output is insane. All the while They just keep finding new ways to steal what little is left of my face. Viva la Bisco! ?? Biscoland here I come!"


Setlist at Tabernacle, Atlanta, GA on Apr 13, 2024

Set One

Crowd 57


Eye Of The Tiger 1001


Rock Candy 749


Ring The Doorbell Twice 2139


Little Betty Boop 465


Rock Candy 471


Set Two

Crowd 106


Helicopters 668


Mindless Dribble 1608


Photograph 1256


Fire Will Exchange 1113


Helicopters 486



Another Plan Of Attack 723


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