The Disco Biscuits

The Orange Peel

Asheville, NC

Apr 11, 2024

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About Formats
About Formats
Show Notes

Pat & Dex - LTP 11/26/21 (156 show gap)

Shocked! - with "Maneater" (Hall & Oates) samples

Spaga - Techno version

And the Ladies were the Rest of the Night - Inverted

Down to the Bottom - Due to technical difficulties, Marc Brownstein and Aron Magner switched places, with Marc finishing the song on keys and Aron on vocals at front of stage

Photo by Brittany Teuber


biscooooooo 4/22/2024 1:58:54 PM

"Raleigh was the best of the last 4 shows, but this is #2, thanks to NUGS. Incredible show, overpacked venue with bad sound. Pat and Dex!"

GratefulPhishBiscuit 4/16/2024 5:40:11 PM

"Tremendously Joyful RailRiding Center Stage. A ??????"

Zak milky B 4/15/2024 10:14:31 AM

"Relistening is almost better than the show itself. Amazing show, but terrible sound and overcrowded at the peel. Thankful for nugs "

BoysOnFire 4/15/2024 9:45:46 AM

"This HAS to be the show of the year SHEEESH"

InvHAB 4/14/2024 11:27:28 AM

"Great Great show. I couldn’t even tell Brown’s stack went out at the end. But that produced maybe the best dttb ending ever. Never miss a Thursday show yo! "


Setlist at The Orange Peel, Asheville, NC on Apr 11, 2024

Set One

Crowd 66


House Dog Party Favor 1914


Who's In Charge 1076


Pat And Dex 1022


Spacebirdmatingcall 933


Set Two

Crowd 82


Shocked 2008


Shadow 767


Spaga 1301


And The Ladies Were The Rest Of The Night 744


Down To The Bottom 1125



Highwire 385


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