The String Cheese Incident

Horning's Hideout

North Plains, OR

Aug 6, 2005

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About Formats
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Show Notes
  • Set 2 is the Peak Experience Third Eye Jam featuring SCI with Jamie Janover conducting, and DJ Lorrin

  • Encore features Scott Law (guitar), Martin Fierro (saxophone), Rajiv Parikh & Marty Ylitalo (percussion), Phil Ferlino (piano), Jamie Janover (percussion), and members of Transglobal Underground, DJ Lorrin
  • Reviews

    Biggest Cheese Fan In The World! 9/8/2005 11:56:01 AM

    "OK....well not to rain on the parade BUT this years ceremony set was garbage! I mean we are talking about sci, 6 muscians on stage, and it sounded like a single DJ. Only 35 minutes! No cheese songs or jams! Nothing that had any depth or creativity! It was the same beat played for 30 minutes, Hann was playing the most annoying electronic drum beat EVER!!! I know some of you were so spun that they could have come out on stage and farted and you would have cheered. But I love these guys too much to just simply say "that was amazing" it wasnt! the theatre performance was great, I liked that aspect for sure. But the music was not "taking risks" that was the lamest most non-adventerous cheese I think Ive ever heard. What was Hann thinking playing that electronic drum machine the entire set!!!! It RUINS the recording at several points, dont think so? then just go to some raves instead. What was Hann thinking? I can only pray that the boys have told him to throw that horrible DEVICE (not instrument) off stage! I could not agree with Portlander more about their complete lack of variation recently (last year or so). It really is getting ridiculous, they have a huge catalog to only be playing 30 or so songs is not necessary. this weekend was not too bad, they did throw us a few bones (ie shanty, shakin, water, sing a new song) but still could have gone BIGGER! and I thought friday was very good as well as sunday! But the third eye set was a clunker (the rest of saturday was solid)! I will say that I thought the On Fire was not placed well in the middle of the BIG cheese kind of scared me (kyle`s voice and all the loud banging of the drums)! Was that a jam? I just dont think this years Hornings even touches 2000, 2001, 2003 Hornings. I think it was the weakest of the three Hornings Ive seen (2003, 2004, 2005) musically. But I did have maybe the best weekend Ive had there...just was hoping for bigger things from the boys. well....good times around the bend!"

    Phantamo the OG 8/25/2005 2:01:57 AM

    "Hands down the best performance at Hornings to date. Period. There was some enegry in those woods unlike anything I`d ever seen before. Everybody in the place knew that this was the night, and we were all tuned in and ready shake our community tailfeathers! Once they rolled into Doin my Time the place began levitation! A nice Born and Close Your Eyes were perfectly fitting preludes to the Third Eye Ceromony. This year`s Third Eye made the STS9 perfomance last year look like kiddie-playtime. Pieces were falling into place and the boys were really taking some fantastic risks to make this set one of my favorites of my show-going career. There was one point, however, that really bothered me. Going into On Fire, the synthesizer/drum machine that one of the members has FUTILY used throughout BSC (COUGH COUGH), just butchers the begining of the song, but it seems the problem ceases and Kyle proceeds to belt out the tune in such a fashion that I now believe it will be a powerhouse in shows to come. The Will It Go Round was a nice touch to help end the evening, with nearly half the musicians on the bill coming on stage to emphasize the point. This is one of those shows many would call `a must for any collection`, so get it. Thanks boys, for really spilling your hearts, my Hideout experiences will stay with us all forever. "

    maximus prime 8/21/2005 11:27:25 AM

    "set two is an electronic jamscape of swirling sound, i can only imagine what it looked like! these tracks remind me so much of the early 90s ethno-ambient outfits like Eat Static and Banco de Gaia and i mean that is a total compliment cuz i love all that stuff, Dr Alex (the orb) Patterson better be paying attention, he started all this trippy craziness!! Hearing SCI take on this new musical persona makes me shiver with anticipation! They could take the dead`s music into the next century playing boomin` house versions of EYES and FRANKLINS!!! Icouldn`t be happier to be alive and hearing all this great fresh new music!!!"

    B Good 8/19/2005 6:18:33 AM

    "Setlist lacking? Variation? Dude, this setlist is fresh. Fresh dairy product here, my friends."

    Portlander 8/13/2005 2:32:10 PM

    "I went to Horning`s for 3 of the 5 years and I think this years song selection was lacking. The music was great but I think it`s time for some variation. I`ve been a Cheese fan since `99 and I think the boys are playing for the new fans and not the old. How many times are we going to hear MLT, Search, Rivertrance, Best Feeling, Joyful Sound, Restless Wind, Naive Melody, It Is What It Is, Way Back Home, Desert Dawn, etc.? It seems like they picked about 30 songs to play for the summer tour and stuck to them (look at the setlists). It seems like they play the same songs at all of the BIG shows. What happened to Looking Glass, Windy Mountain, Sand Dollar, Cottonmouth, These Waves, Climb? Don`t get me wrong, I`m not trying to post a bad review but it`s time for some variation. They have a huge song it up! The highlights for me were the Ceremonial set, San Jose, Orion`s Belt, On Fire, Black and White, and Birdland. I`m still a big fan but I hope to see more variety in the future. "


    Setlist at Horning's Hideout, North Plains, OR on Aug 6, 2005

    Set One

    Chatter 54


    • $0.99
    Best Feeling 821


    • $1.29
    Mouna Bowa 587


    • $0.99
    Sometimes A River 443


    • $0.99
    Doin' My Time 297


    • $0.99
    Give Me The Love 578


    • $0.99
    Born On The Wrong Planet 446


    • $0.99
    One Step Closer 499


    • $0.99
    Pumpkin Ridge Jam 125


    • $0.99
    Close Your Eyes 430


    • $0.99

    Set Two

    Fire Jam 730


    • $1.29
    Amoeba Jam 498


    • $0.99
    Third Eye Jam 690


    • $0.99
    Hornings Gone Wild Jam 291


    • $0.99

    Set Three

    It Is What It Is 773


    • $1.29
    Birdland 166


    • $0.99
    Flying Peacock Jam 492


    • $0.99
    Birdland 160


    • $0.99
    Restless Wind 470


    • $0.99
    On Fire 460


    • $0.99
    Black And White 563


    • $0.99
    Way Back Home 687


    • $0.99


    Chatter 150


    • $0.99
    Will It Go 'Round In Circles 346


    • $0.99
    San José 626


    • $0.99
    Chatter 86


    • $0.99

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