Jul 15, 2005

The String Cheese Incident

Richmond Raceway, Richmond, VA

07/15/05 Richmond Raceway, Richmond, VA


Set One

Chatter 39


  • $0.99
One Step Closer 487


  • $0.99
Dirk 487


  • $0.99
Chameleon 443


  • $0.99
Sittin' On Top Of The World 277


  • $0.99
Resume Man 404


  • $0.99
Give Me The Love 474


  • $0.99
Yo Sé 503


  • $0.99
Shantytown 745


  • $1.29
Land's End 343


  • $0.99
Big Classic Jam 384


  • $0.99
Glory Chords 218


  • $0.99
Can't Stop Now 310


  • $0.99


Chatter 185


  • $0.99
Alligator Alley 321


  • $0.99
Big Jam 519


  • $0.99
Lively Up Yourself 378


  • $0.99
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Show Notes
  • encore features Keller Williams (guitar & vocals), and Umphrey's McGee

  • thanks to Dave Harryman for the great photos!
  • Reviews for this item

    canadianbacon 12/23/2005 9:40:20 AM

    "The guy below is a total jackass. By the way he sounds in his review I don`t think anybody will take his comment seriously. I mean he insults jambands. Why the hell would you post a comment if you hate jambands... Anyways, this show was totally kick ass. I prefer the 2nd disc, but the whole thing is awsome. Especially the encore... ESPECIALLY THE ENCORE!"

    Thomas 8/19/2005 2:13:38 PM

    "This show sucked. Anyone who would waste time and money downloading has serious issues. I was extremely excited to be going to see cheese on the 15th and what i got for my 42.50 was a bunch of bullshit. Over and over again i kept wondering to myself what happened to the SCI i used to know. If i had known what they were going to bring that night i would have stayed home and listened to some old recordings. Unfortunatley, like a lot of "jambands" now it seems SCI will be content with playing boring music with the bass too loud. This is a shame and i only wish for their sake that maybe the band could come up with something a little more original, after all Particle and Soulive do a good job with boring monotonous music in the first place."

    Spence 8/16/2005 7:59:39 PM

    "Tight ass show. Shantytown was pretty bad ass and Can`t Stop Now was awesome to hear as both a New Grass Revival and SCI fan. They did a great cover of it. Give me the Love is an awesome song that totally describes God and Jesus Christ. Peace"

    andrew 7/21/2005 12:23:43 PM

    "Awesome show .my first cheese show that i was actually there.it was awesome. so worth going.i loved one step closer, dirkand lands end. the encore was the best part with keller and umphreys up there and with micheal travis up there conducting them"

    Mike D 7/21/2005 9:53:05 AM

    "This was my first Cheese show ever and i have many live shows. This show was great and was made even better because i was front row for the entire show. When Keller and Umphreys came out for the super jam i was blown away. great show i defenitly reccomend it for a download."