The National

Richmond, VA

Oct 9, 2014

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About Formats
About Formats
Show Notes
  • Doinkinbonk & Karma Police with Scott Haney on keyboard

ScrappyNappy 6/15/2021 4:26:52 PM

"Ok so this show was pretty decent, I definitely heard Mihali super out of tune during Latin Tang. Zazu was good but nothing special. The true gem of this show is the doinkinboink. Overall I give it a 5.6 / 10. "


Setlist at The National, Richmond, VA on Oct 9, 2014

Set One

Zazu's Flight 398


  • $0.99
Latin Tang 973


Doinkinbonk 1137


Karma Police 281


  • $0.99
Dr. Remidi's Melodium 766


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