Yarmouth Drive-In

Cape Cod, MA

Oct 10, 2020

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About Formats
About Formats
Show Notes

Drive-In show
Polluted Beauty with La femme d'argent 


Nick 11/16/2020 12:14:03 PM

"Best Rocky raccoon aye "

Yo!! 10/28/2020 5:59:17 AM

"This was my first time seeing them with my fiancé! We had such a blast!! These cats are dope and can jam!!! I love the positive music and that feel good energy they bring to the table! Thanks for showing love to the Cape! Show kicked off with my one of my favorite tunes!! Sick show! Tight jamming! Give this a spin!! Btw the poster is badass!! Cant wait to see them again!!! ????"

Kev Carney 10/27/2020 8:49:45 AM

"Thank you Twiddle! This was a really fun show! Every soul goes pretty far, WIRIP has somewhere over the rainbow as well not in notes "

Brendan 10/27/2020 7:25:16 AM

"This is without a shadow of a doubt the greatest version of Hattis>WIRIP the band has ever played. "

Sanity79 10/26/2020 8:09:30 PM

"Amazing show Twiddle didn’t disappoint one bit! Windy as hell but it did not stop the band or fans from having a tight show!"


Setlist at Yarmouth Drive-In, Cape Cod, MA on Oct 10, 2020

Set One

Syncopated Healing 784


Wildfire 775


Doinkinbonk 1104


Subconscious Prelude 416


Rocky Raccoon 370


Distance Makes The Heart 201


Set Two

Every Soul 1275


Nicodemus Portulay 421


Polluted Beauty 773


Hatties Jam > When It Rains It Pours 1154



The Catapillar 542


Lost In The Cold 388


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