Widespread Panic

State Theatre

Cleveland, OH

Apr 2, 2005

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About Formats
About Formats
Show Notes
  • unfortunately, due to a problem on the master tapes, we had to omit "Are You Ready For The Country" from the beginning of set two
  • Reviews

    LightMan 5/13/2005 7:52:13 PM

    "They ARE sounding tighter than ever. GOOD PEOPLE blew my mind!!!!!!!"

    deadpa 4/16/2005 8:38:29 AM

    "i was at this show and the boys sounded as good if not tighter than ever.the whole show rocked with weight of the world surprise valley,stop breakin down,and r u ready for the country being my highlights.cool cool show with lots of stellar jams and great song selection.panic is back with a vengance for sure.see you down the road"

    WSP420 4/14/2005 12:19:59 PM

    "Was`nt there but show is magical to the soul and mind. Not just 1, but whole band is tighter in 05 than I`ve heard since the Mikey days{Moment of silance}Thanks Panic for all you`ve done for our souls.I got an answer for beer line problem,Keep watchin the band forget about the beer.Keep rockin n rollin"

    Snuggles 4/13/2005 8:20:49 PM

    "The first set was awesome.. thats all I can say...AWESOME!!..it was the best start ever. We were 6 or 7 rows back in front of John and George. George did really well. School`s was on Fire!! Johns voice gave me goos bumps.drums were tight as hell. I was having a melt down in the beer line when Radio Child started. People were agitated in the line. I told them "do you love beer more or the band! we have to go back NOW!!!" I am a bass player for over 20 years and I play everyday. Schools was friggin phenominal... WE LOVE WIDESPREAD PANIC IN UPSTATE NEW YORK!!!! please come closer to us!!"

    cliffclaven 4/12/2005 8:04:29 AM

    "Great show to go to for my first of the 05 tour. Surprise valley to C.Brown to can`t get high, great start. 4 hour ride there and a 7 hour ride home the only sucky part about this trip.George sounds awsome, and did I see Dave a little thinner or was I that drunk?"


    Setlist at State Theatre, Cleveland, OH on Apr 2, 2005

    Set One

    Surprise Valley 643


    C. Brown 442


    Can't Get High 205


    This Part of Town 328


    Sometimes 255


    Christmas Katie 781


    Monstrosity 473


    Radio Child 346


    Weight Of The World 311


    Set Two

    Cows Come Home 424


    Old Neighborhood 328


    Rebirtha 1115


    Driving Song 280


    Stop Breakin' Down 609


    Pilgrims 985


    Driving Song 151


    Goodpeople 270


    Action Man 288



    Blue Indian 370


    Flat Foot Flewzy 269


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