Widespread Panic

The Backyard

Austin, TX

Jul 8, 2007

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About Formats
About Formats

Lenny 7/18/2007 1:22:56 PM

"Traveled from NC to TX for a three day show. Got rained out Friday but that was ok met some new friends, thanks neighbor. Saturday was nice and slow but SUNDAY blew it out. Best show live I have seen this past year. I had a great time, one trip I won`t remember until I download this show!!!"

Todd 7/16/2007 6:39:28 PM

"Of course I was a Friday night soiled panic fan...but WSP brought out the sunshine on Sunday, even threw a small patch of rain in for drama. Jimmy...is finding his own....Driving Song...Holden Oversoul..back to the 2nd coming of Driving Song....too cool. Plus JB on slide and Expiration Day live....my grand dad would have been proud. Never seen Dave on the bass like that live, of course my live show experience is limited...so I`m thankful I caught it on the kitchen pass my wife gave me....plus my friends Lee, Eric and Davey took in the moment for the first time at the Backyard....so glad we received the invite for Sunday... And oh....By the way...Jim....Mr.50 on sabbatical all summer long with WSP...hope to catch a Red Rocks show now...your illustration has certainly convinced me that...that is the show I`ve got to see... "

J.A. 7/16/2007 2:42:46 AM

"Wow. Incredible way to cap a weekend (minus a flooded out Friday night). There`s something about Jimmy`s style that`s one of a kind. Especially on Chainsaw City. Gotta love the Stop-Go>Fishwater close before the encore. The energy in the crowd was great too. If you wanna download two great shows, you got `em here. These guys are rockin as good as they have in quite some time... P.S. Much love to the good folks groovin` up front. And to the ones who stayed afterwards on Saturday night while Led Zep played on the speakers."

jim 7/13/2007 9:03:32 PM

"i`m not too sure how jack c. feels about jimmy herring, he`s a little too vague about it. hahah, but yeah, this show was great."

jack c. 7/13/2007 8:32:15 PM

"If you thought Jimmy was hot on Saturday, you should`ve seen him Sunday. They literally had cardboard cutouts of JB, Dave, Jo-Jo, Todd, and Sunny on the stage along with real life Jimmy. Not only is Jimmy the greatest guitarist named Jimmy ever (regardless of spelling), he is the greatest human to ever live."


Setlist at The Backyard, Austin, TX on Jul 8, 2007

Set One

Driving Song 306


Holden Oversoul 579


Driving Song 154


Makes Sense To Me 354


Gradle 312


Worry 423


Christmas Katie 538


Solid Rock 554


Visiting Day 477


Walk On 391


Set Two

From the Cradle 295


Chainsaw City 660


Tickle The Truth 337


Rebirtha 813


Blackout Blues 673


Time is Free 1000


I'm Not Alone 380


Stop-Go 782


Fishwater 599



Expiration Day 324


It Ain't No Use 436


City Of Dreams 449


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