Bob Weir and Wolf Bros

Durham Performing Arts Center

Durham, NC

Mar 3, 2020

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About Formats
About Formats

Cassandra Adams 11/15/2020 7:48:37 AM

"The venue was nice and intimate. The house wasn't packed, allowing me room to shake it down during...Shakedown. I love how Bobby holds space and alternates lead and rhythm. Jay is energetic and spot on with Mr. Don Was looking too cool up there with his bass. I loved this show, it was much needed. The crowd was mixed, but we found the tie dye army in the smoking section at set break. I had a wonderful time, as any time with a legend, as well as legends in the making is well spent."

skunk 6 7/21/2020 9:27:39 PM

"Man people need to Listen to these shows. Bob Weir has demonstrated his desire to always expand and do new and better things. I literally think hes doing some of the most creative things in an eclectic jam-rock trio we’ve ever seen. It’s great If you can enjoy the slow speed and delicacy to control volume and swell up and down like they do expertly in birdsong for example. Just great show. Bobby is doing some awsum stuff right now and so are jay and mr. wah. These shows are such great recordings because for the most part the crowd noise is non-existent the and not annoying. These stripped down and downright raw, and gut-bustingly beautiful versions of these fan fav songs are whole new takes on them as usual per the boys(dead survivors in general and extended dead family) . Everyone seems to have a take on it and they all take it seriously. Bobby pushes the boundaries of what these songs can be rhythmically and emotionally through his unique approach to his instrument and voice here"


Setlist at Durham Performing Arts Center, Durham, NC on Mar 3, 2020

Set One

Hell In A Bucket 740


Loser 708


Mama Tried 260


Gonesville 356


When I Paint My Masterpiece 429


Bombs Away 528


Row Jimmy 723


Throwing Stones 742


Set Two

Easy to Slip 515


Shakedown Street 756


He's Gone 770


Playing In The Band 595


Bird Song 624


All Along The Watchtower 452


Stella Blue 545


Not Fade Away 512



It's All Over Now, Baby Blue 521


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