Bobby Weir & Wolf Bros

Ryman Auditorium

Nashville, TN

Mar 9, 2022

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About Formats
Show Notes

Great Rain with Tommy Prine

Why Not Me, Ramble On Rose with Wynonna Judd

Oh, Boy!, Me and Bobby McGee, Scarlet Begonias with Margo Price

Bobby Weir & Wolf Bros March 9th, 2022 featured bassist Don Was, drummer Jay Lane, keyboardist Jeff Chimenti and pedal steel guitarist Barry Sless, plus a string and horn section consisting of violinist Mads Tolling, trombonist Adam Theis, trumpeter Brian Switzer, woodwind specialist Sheldon Brown and cellist Alex Kelly

This show was mixed by Rich Steele


Travelin 9/19/2022 11:21:53 AM

"The energy in the Ryman was massive. The entire crowd sang along loudly and they also forgot the words to Ramble on Rose in sync with the band. The set list was well executed and fun was had by all. There was almost dead silence during Morning Dew"

O.E 8/10/2022 2:38:54 PM

"This might be among one of my favorite shows I've ever heard! Let's be real too, the first set was just fun! A few people giving Wynonna hassle for not knowing the versus, but listen to what she says at the beginning of the song... They are giving her the choice of tempo, etc. You all know, it's all about being kind and that's when the magic really happens. Fun fact too... Wynonna's sister (Ashley Judd) appears with Jerry Garcia in the "Smoke Gets in Your Eyes" music video! Set 2 was insane. I was lost in space from Playin>UJB (reprise). That jam was holy cow!!!"

Wexgate 5/5/2022 6:43:17 PM

"I will take this over Dead and Company any day. Killer Scarlet. Margo Price is a great addition. "

Zipperheadbanjo 4/23/2022 11:49:32 AM

"My take on Wynona… when she sang the first verse I got super excited… There was some snarl and piss and vinegar there… thought she would kill it. And she would have if she had just sung the song. I’ll give her a pass though. Cmon back Wynona, but next time… sing the song, skip the crowd engagement / sing along thing… and yes… just bob your head and dance during the jams :-)"

We don’t deserve Margo Price 4/12/2022 9:49:35 AM

"Ms Judd, we don’t do this here. Please stop."


Setlist at Ryman Auditorium, Nashville, TN on Mar 9, 2022

Set One

Shakedown Street 822


Greatest Story Ever Told 350


Mama Tried 306


Queen Jane Approximately 539


Great Rain 468


Why Not Me 420


Ramble On Rose 570


Oh, Boy! 257


Set Two

Friend Of The Devil 432


Me And Bobby McGee 512


Scarlet Begonias 773


Fast as You 361


Playing In The Band 532


Uncle John's Band 679


Supplication 130


Uncle John's Band 77


Morning Dew 1018



U.S. Blues 397


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