Bobby Weir & Wolf Bros

Pier Six Pavilion

Baltimore, MD

Sep 28, 2023

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About Formats
About Formats

Maureen Regan 10/3/2023 11:04:00 AM

"First Set A night of exceptional music. Starting with notice that the music ‘never stopped’. The poignant Easy Answers reminds us how bleak it can seem, someone’s got to pay, and talk and take it slow. Sometimes it leaves you thinking no one cares….but the music never stopped. A trip back to how hard Desolation Row can change your view, and how you have to join the scene before you will be relating to it. Full Wolf Bros/Pack playing to the heart with Bobby’s crooning. Don’t mess with them! Then Bobby took us on a cowboy end-run with Me and My Uncle, nefarious deeds with leaving my uncle there by the side of the road (‘he taught me all I know. Taught me so well…’). Rare Even So, moody near orchestral moaning talking …touch and go, and Bobby’s cry I don’t know. Wishes for both sides of relating, talking to Wolfman at the Midnight Rodeo while he still, even so, don’t know. On to New Orleans to visit October Queen, not looking for soul salvation here. Bobby singing - can’t afford to be seen, like the year before, before. But there’s something about her…. Such a night, one more night for the ages, but we won’t talk about that. But there’s something about her. Maybe Bobby is moody over women again, and the guys play New Orlean’s jazz to it for all it’s worth. A fine Deal to summarize ‘it costs a lot to win, even more to lose’. You don’t EVER know, watch each card you play and play it slow. Don’t you let that deal go down, no, no. Soft rocking Bobby in good voice, great solos (keyboard, bass, drums, steel guitar, orchestra runaways all brilliant)to frame the songs. And Bobby’s usual impeccable playing. Very satisfying. Second set later."

Cbus egg 10/3/2023 4:34:27 AM

"Loving all the rat dog songs making their return this year. “The winners” is a gem "

Harrison 10/2/2023 12:20:52 PM

"That second set may genuinely be the best single set I’ve ever seen from Bobby. Finally hearing China Cat > Rider was so special. And what a beautiful suite to close things out. Fully on the Wolf Bros bus. "

MadSwan 10/1/2023 2:39:27 PM

"One of my favorite shows this year. Beautiful Inner Harbor night, crazy hopping shakedown outside, fantastic jams inside. Orioles clinching fireworks at set break, and that hugely beautiful Terrapin. Not many recent shows I've wanted to relisten to this quickly."

Jonathan 9/30/2023 8:05:20 PM

"What an incredible show! I have been waiting for a solid Dead show to be back in Maryland! How bout them O’s! How bout Bobby and wolf bros and the wolf pack! Terrapin station suite ????????????"


Setlist at Pier Six Pavilion, Baltimore, MD on Sep 28, 2023

Set One

The Music Never Stopped 662


Easy Answers 711


The Music Never Stopped 120


Desolation Row 897


Me And My Uncle 342


Even So 541


October Queen 721


Deal 561


Set Two

The Winners 468


Estimated Prophet 966


New Speedway Boogie 615


China Cat Sunflower 760


I Know You Rider 634


The Wheel 648


Standing on the Moon 636


Terrapin Station Suite 1608


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