Greensky Bluegrass

Avondale Brewing Company

Birmingham, AL

Aug 26, 2022

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About Formats
About Formats
Show Notes

New & Improved > Bottle Dry > Wheel Hoss, Screams, 200 Miles From Montana, Grow Together, Steam Powered Aereo Plane, King of the Hill, The Four, All Four, I'd Probably Kill You, Black Muddy River, Worried About the Weather

Encore- Working On a Building, Reuben's Train

Steam Powered Aereo Plane, King of the Hill, The Four, All Four, I'd Probably Kill You, Black Muddy River, Worried About The Weather and Working On a Building  with Sam Bush (Fiddle & Vocals)

Working On a Building and Reuben's Train with Stephen Mougin (Guitar) & Wes Corbett (Banjo)


Willow 8/28/2022 8:38:43 AM

"Sam Bush! Such a great show "

BigWoolySamson 8/27/2022 8:22:29 PM

"Great show and best Greensky show I’ve been to in years. It really picked up at Grow Together and cooked through the rest of the show. Sam Bush joining them was icing on the cake and having him on stage made them jam more than other past Birmingham shows. The Black Muddy River was special to me. I scored a setlist after the show and it had Steam on it.. would have been cool to catch that one. The band seems sharper musically than in the recent past pre-pandemic. I got on the Greensky bus in 2007-2008 or so. This show was my favorite to catch in at least 5 years and maybe longer. Rekindled my love for these guys. Greensky til I die. "

RickP 8/27/2022 8:35:30 AM

"Great show all around. Thanks, Joel, for throwing this party. Sam Bush killed it as opener and he played about 2/3 of Greensky’s set with them. His set was unlike any I’ve seen from him, and I’ve seen him at least 50 times. I wish he was on nugs, I’d buy a few shows per year, especially Telluride."

Kevin McPherson 8/26/2022 11:53:18 PM

"Badass!!!! In person!! Met Paulie and Sam!! W signed posters!! What a night!!! Thanks to all the guys!!! All are super talented musicians!!"


Setlist at Avondale Brewing Company, Birmingham, AL on Aug 26, 2022

Set One

New & Improved 697


Bottle Dry 345


Wheel Hoss 313


Screams 502


200 Miles from Montana 357


Grow Together 687


Steam Powered Aereo Plane 271


King of the Hill 1018


The Four 485


All Four 962


I'd Probably Kill You 394


Black Muddy River 430


Worried About The Weather 1194



Working On A Building 264


Reuben's Train 659


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