Greensky Bluegrass

The Tabernacle

Atlanta, GA

Jan 19, 2019

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About Formats
About Formats
Show Notes
  • How Far I'd Fall featuring Benny Galloway on guitar and vocal
  • Second Set not recorded 

Tolan09 8/28/2022 12:57:50 AM

"Didn’t Anders play Neal’s guitar towards the end of this show? I was there and wish this recording was available!"

ragreen123 1/23/2019 7:27:35 AM

"There are a couple AUD recordings out there I have seen. That eyes in set 2 looked amazing! Its unfortunate they couldn't figure something out. I recall an entire show laced with dead covers last year not getting a release either. I think the jury is still out on what happened with all of 2016's shows? some of my best GSBG shows that year and no recordings" 1/23/2019 7:11:25 AM

"Will the second set be posted?"

RickP 1/23/2019 3:58:46 AM

"Missing the best parts of the show due to sbd issues..."


Setlist at The Tabernacle, Atlanta, GA on Jan 19, 2019

Set One

Bring Out Your Dead 591


Room Without A Roof 282


Run Or Die 828


Ashes 236


Stop That Train 571


How Far I'd Fall 268


Demons 355


Wish I Didn't Know 296


It's Not Mine Anymore 438


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