Joe Russo's Almost Dead

Red Rocks Amphitheatre

Morrison, CO

Jun 3, 2023

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About Formats
Show Notes

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Source 1: Schoeps cmc621 (On Stage, Split 25') -> Avid SC-48 (Preamp) -> Zoom H6N -> WAV (@24/96);

Source 2: Schoeps cmc64 (FOH Booth) -> ART Tube MP Studio Pre Amps -> Zoom H6N -> WAV (@24/96);

Source 3: SBD (Avid SC-48) -> Zoom H6N -> WAV (@24/96);

Transfer: WAVs -> SoundForge Pro 11.0 (EQ, Time Align, normalize) -> Vegas Pro 13.0 (mix/render) -> SoundForge Pro 11.0 (EQ, normalize, fades, 96->44.1 iZotope 64-Bit SRC; 24->16 bit iZotope MBIT+ Dither) -> CDWav -> FLAC

Costello & McRoberts Ultra Mix - Recording and FOH mix by Peter Costello - Audio recording edited and mixed by Eric McRoberts 08/18-19/2023

Set One (7:35PM - 9:06PM):

01. Jam ->

02. The Wheel ->

03. Uncle John’s Band

04. Man Smart, Woman Smarter

05. Alabama Getaway

06. Crazy Fingers ->

07. Lost Sailor ->

08. Saint Of Circumstance @

Set Two (9:35PM - 11:13PM):

01. Cats Under The Stars ->

02. Another Brick In The Wall Part II Jam ->

03. New Minglewood Blues # >

04. Estimated Prophet >

05. St. Stephen $ ->

06. I Know You Rider %

07. Baba O’ Riley Jam ^ >

08. We Will Not Be Lovers


09. Stella Blue

@ - With a "Head Over Heels" (Tears For Fears) Tease (MB), a The Wheel Tease (Band) and a Feel Like A Stranger Tease (TH)

# - With an "Another Brick In The Wall Part II" (Pink Floyd) Tease (TH), a Throwing Stones Tease (JR) and an Easy Wind Tease (Band)

$ - With a The Eleven Tease (Band)

% - With Katie Jacoby on Violin

^ - Instrumental, Incomplete version of a song by The Who. No Lyrics were sung - just the violin solo was played. First Time played by Almost Dead, With Katie Jacoby on Violin

& - The Waterboys cover, "Full" version, with Scott Metzger vocals and With katie Jacoby on Violin


bulldogphan 9/4/2023 1:36:00 PM

"Really great show. my first jrad show, will absolutely not be my last."

St. Rider 8/28/2023 6:48:58 PM

"JRAD is always a good time. This was an incredible show from start to finish! St. Stephen melted my face, I Know You Rider was unreal. Almost on cue when the rain picked up harder right before "I'd shine my light through the cool Colorado rain." What a moment!"


Setlist at Red Rocks Amphitheatre, Morrison, CO on Jun 3, 2023

Set One

Jam 329


The Wheel 1076


Uncle John's Band 800


Man Smart, Woman Smarter 474


Alabama Getaway 300


Crazy Fingers 1041


Lost Sailor 497


Saint of Circumstance 847


Set Two

Cats Under The Stars 904


Another Brick In The Wall Jam 106


New Minglewood Blues 481


Estimated Prophet 1276


St. Stephen 932


I Know You Rider 763


Baba O' Riley Jam 163


We Will Not Be Lovers 536



Stella Blue 636


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