Joe Russo's Almost Dead

Westville Music Bowl

New Haven, CT

May 14, 2022

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About Formats
About Formats
Show Notes

Jam 1 - With a "(Turn On Your) Lovelight" (Bobby "Blue" Bland) Tease (Band) and a "Raindrops Whisper Words" (Benevento Russo Duo) Tease (Band)

Jam 2 - With a "Shine On You Crazy Diamond" (Pink Floyd) Tease (TH)

Cassidy - Unfinished, With a Black Throated Wind Tease (SM), & a Hell In A Bucket Jam

Bird Song - With a "Mountain Jam" (Donovan / The Allman Brothers) Teases (Band)

Emergency - Unfinished, partial version, Tony Williams Lifetime Cover, First Time played by Almost Dead (The original is an instrumental.)

King Solomon's Marbles - With an "Emergency" (Tony Williams Lifetime) Jam

Saint Of Circumstance - Also with an "Emergency" (Tony Williams Lifetime) Jam

The Bends - Radiohead cover, Not Played by Almost Dead since 2018-08-16, Red Rocks Park & Amphitheater, Morrison, CO, a gap of 92 shows


Tim G 6/11/2022 4:54:22 PM

"This band really does it all. Of any band out there currently playing the Grateful Dead song book, these guys go out and give the most value for your entertainment dollar. Not only can they rock the familiar old school vibes of an actual GD show but they add in the modern unpredictability of a well rounded jam band setlist. Rather than just setting up Scarlet>Fire or China>Rider or any of the other “classic combos” these guys will take you on a journey as they completely breakdown the familiar into something completely new and unpredictable. Never have I ever walked into a Dead tribute acts show and walked away ready to dive further into Radiohead’s or another band’s catalogue but that’s exactly what I did on the ride home to NJ. The Bends wow. Sat there the whole time thinking “it’s on the tip of my tongue, what song is this?” They make listening to Grateful Dead music a guessing game for me again and that’s something I truly thought I’d never experience. Beyond everything I’ve said, the importance placed on free form jams rather than packing as many songs into a set as possible is very much appreciated, it’s how this music should be. King Solomon’s was a MAJOR highlight, as was the Mountain Jam tease in Bird Song. Can’t wait to see these guys again soon. "


Setlist at Westville Music Bowl, New Haven, CT on May 14, 2022

Set One

Jam #1 240


Man Smart (Woman Smarter) 515


Jam #2 177


Tennessee Jed 901


Jam #3 355


Cassidy 796


My Brother Esau 525


Sugaree 1000


Set Two

Jam #4 266


Bird Song 905


Playing In The Band 916


Emergency / King Solomon's Marbles 509


Mission In The Rain 696


Touch of Grey 364


Saint of Circumstance 737


The Bends 236


One More Saturday Night 631



Ripple 279


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