Joe Russo's Almost Dead

The Riviera Theatre

Chicago, IL

Dec 4, 2022

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About Formats
About Formats

Mike B 11/8/2023 12:38:29 PM

"Man this is an amazing set. Truly thought provoking. Masterfully done. It goes into these amazing eerie and trippy realms throughout. Starting with Jam and into Lost Sailor I was hooked in. Saw these guys live at the Greek in LA. They are doing amazing stuff. I wish more of their stuff was in Nugs. "

Scott T 6/3/2023 9:53:42 AM

"Vaseline was a nice surprise in the middle of Cumberland!!"

Nic 5/8/2023 4:08:25 PM

"The No Quarter riff at 8:40 in playin makes me smile given that’s two of my favorite songs"

Born to live 3/9/2023 11:30:53 PM

"I just moved to Chicago. After years fighting my way through kitchens until the point I’m at. I’ve listened to a lot of Dead. Billy and the kids moved me during the pandemic. So, with Anthony Hamilton at the helm things are always very tight. Russo can drum a beat like a mother fucker. This entire show has extreme energy. You can hear it come through in their playing. The same spirit that generates the dead’s soul. Hamilton knows how to reign it in. The transitions are smooth and give you time to reflect. New Speedway was especially memorable with the smooth spacey transition into Bird Song. It’s funny as a dead head that grew up after Jerry’s death, my one critique is always bird song. I think it lacks at times in the sense of creativity. The lyrics of Robert Hunter are almost always beautiful. They make you reflect on your time here in the spatial confines of perception. And that’s beautiful but often times Jerry loses me in Bird Song. This version is so well timed and done with such rhythmic harmony that I was entranced. And to end with an encore like Born to Run. Unexpected and truly capturing the moments when a band can transform even if they are only covering jams. It’s the delivery and motive that counts here and how much fun it would of been to be there. EI"


Setlist at The Riviera Theatre, Chicago, IL on Dec 4, 2022

Set One

Jam 216


Lost Sailor 635


Saint of Circumstance 745


Help On The Way 348


Slipknot! 429


Playing In The Band 857


If I Had The World To Give 384


Truckin' 839


Set Two

Jam 209


Row Jimmy 772


Cumberland Blues / Vasoline / Cumberland Blues Reprise 1057


Jam 190


Let It Grow 1042


Jam 173


Samson And Delilah 425


New Speedway Boogie 709


Bird Song 903



Born to Run 315


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