Joe Russo's Almost Dead

The Riviera Theatre

Chicago, IL

Dec 3, 2022

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About Formats
About Formats
Show Notes

Source 1: Schoeps cmc621 (On Stage, Split 25') -> Avid SC-48 (Preamp) -> Zoom H6N -> WAV (@24/96);

Source 2: Schoeps cmc64 (FOH Booth) -> ART Tube MP Studio Pre Amps -> Zoom H6N -> WAV (@24/96);

Source 3: SBD (Avid SC-48) -> Zoom H6N -> WAV (@24/96);

Transfer: WAVs -> SoundForge Pro 11.0 (Time Align, normalize) -> Vegas Pro 13.0 (mix/render) -> SoundForge Pro 11.0 (EQ, normalize, fades, 96->44.1 iZotope 64-Bit SRC; 24->16 bit iZotope MBIT+ Dither) -> CDWav -> FLAC

Costello & McRoberts Ultra Mix - Recording and FOH mix by Peter Costello - Audio recording edited and mixed by Eric McRoberts 12/22-24/2022

Whole show with Stuart Bogie as follows SBT: Stuart on Tenor Sax SBF: Stuart on Flute SBC: Stuart on Clarinet

Set One (9:06PM - 10:10PM): 01. Let Me Sing Your Blues Away SBT @ 02. Eyes Of The World # SBT 03. Dancing In The Streets $ SBT > 04. The Music Never Stopped SBT

Set Two (10:39PM - 12:25AM): 01. Shakedown Street SBFT -> 02. St. Stephen SBTFC > 03. The Eleven % SBTC -> 04. Cats Under The Stars ^ SBTFC > 05. Locomotive Breath & SBFT -> 06. The Other One * SBTCF 07. Shine On You Crazy Diamond (Parts I - IV) SBT

Encore: 08. One More Saturday Night SBT

@ - First Time Played by Almost Dead, SM Vocals

# - With the "'73 Changes" ending

$ - With a "Bathtub Gin" (Phish) Tease (SM) and a "Body Movin’" (Beastie Boys) Tease (TH)

% - With a Terrapin Station Tease (Band)

^ - With a The Eleven Tease (SM & SB) and a Feel Like a Stranger Tease (Band)

& - Jethro Tull Cover, First Time Played by Almost Dead, TH Vocals

* - With a short Locomotive Breath Jam


Tom Hamilton’s Hat 1/15/2023 12:03:59 PM

"This show is next level playing"

MetzerMania 1/12/2023 7:07:22 AM

"What a heater. These Chicago shows are killer. Can’t wait to see what these guys do this year "


Setlist at The Riviera Theatre, Chicago, IL on Dec 3, 2022

Set One

Let Me Sing Your Blues Away 475


Eyes of the World 1434


Dancing in the Streets 925


The Music Never Stopped 972


Set Two

Shakedown Street 956


St. Stephen 1167


The Eleven 586


Cats Under The Stars 1029


Locomotive Breath 232


The Other One 547


Shine On You Crazy Diamond 1198



One More Saturday Night 557


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