My Morning Jacket

Live At The Beacon Theatre

New York, NY

Oct 20, 2023

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About Formats
About Formats
Show Notes

Special thanks to MSG Entertainment and the Beacon Theatre

The Wind - Cat Stevens cover (with Madi Diaz)

Mixed and mastered by Ryan Pickett


John 11/1/2023 5:26:25 AM

"I was at this show and it blew my mind. I had been chasing “Highly Suspicious” for 13 years and it delivered, so intense!! Totally agree with the review prior, they are operating on a level I’ve never seen before (first show 2010). THE greatest live band on this earth."

Jacket is BACK 10/26/2023 2:39:12 PM

"Jacket was the first band that showed me what music could do. I’m a local kid and I’m technically related to Jim on my aunt’s side. They absolutely blew my mind to pieces in 2015 and i chased them for a few years after that. After a few years it seemed like the band was just…tired. Like the music didn’t do it for them anymore. Jim recently posted a letter acknowledging this. What a joy it is to say that they are BACK! Inspired setlists every night, improvisation and true joy coming back to the music. I hadn’t listened to a live show since probably 2020 but had been keeping my eye on them. The Halloween 2022 show in Louisville didn’t quite click for me. I thought maybe my Jacket days were done. But my goodness, what a difference a year can make. So very happy that everybody is happy, healthy and having fun again. Can’t wait for my next chance to see them! Hopefully a multi-night run in Louisville next spring. ???????? "

giventofly79 10/24/2023 2:52:58 PM

"I was at this show and this band is on absolute fire right now, I've been to hundreds of shows and this one might very well be at the top!!!!! "

Stankulation! 10/23/2023 9:13:01 PM

"These are wonderful shows and recordings! Please keep them coming!"

Hwerskey 10/21/2023 7:18:45 PM

"Thanks so much for doing this it really means a lot to us fans!!! We’re out here listening daily, we love you so fucking much"


Setlist at Live At The Beacon Theatre, New York, NY on Oct 20, 2023

Set One

Cobra 1003


Gideon 297


The Way That He Sings 365


Lay Low 406


Slow Slow Tune 297


Run It 378


I'm Amazed 280


Least Expected 481


Lucky to Be Alive 283


War Begun 621


Strangulation! 331


Victory Dance 352


O Is The One That Is Real 234


Smokin' From Shootin' 313


It's About Twilight Now 324


Anytime 305



Butch Cassidy 219


The Wind 186


Only Memories Remain 475


First Light 244


Highly Suspicious 192


Touch Me I'm Going To Scream Pt. 2 686


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