Neil Young

Dreamin' Man Live '92

Portland, OR

Jan 24, 1992

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Show Notes
This entry in Neil’s Archives series finds him road-testing Harvest Moon in the months before its release. The performances here strip down that album’s country accoutrements to their acoustic-guitar/piano rudiments—and when you factor in a reverential audience unfamiliar with the material, these wistful ballads become all the more intimate. Freed from its brushed-snare backbeat, each line in the title track hangs in the air like breaths on a cold night, while the fond remembrances of “Unknown Legend” assume a dreamlike aura. - Apple Music


Setlist at Dreamin' Man Live '92, Portland, OR on Jan 24, 1992

Set One

Dreamin' Man 303


Such A Woman 299


One Of These Days 299


Harvest Moon 326


You And Me 241


Hank To Hendrix 331


Unknown Legend 287


Old King 190


Natural Beauty 686


War Of Man 388


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