Neil Young

Young Shakespeare

Stratford, CT

Jan 22, 1971

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Show Notes
Just two months after the release of his seminal After the Gold Rush, Neil Young sat down for a performance at The Shakespeare Theater on January 22, 1971. The Stratford, CT show captures the artist stripped down to the bare essentials—acoustic guitar, piano, and harmonica. The concert was recorded for presentation on German TV later that year but was not publicly available until now. The original 50 year-old analog tapes have been lovingly restored, making available early acoustic recordings of two After the Gold Rush songs, early Harvest tunes, and beloved favorites such as “Ohio,” “Cowgirl in the Sand,” “Helpless,” “Down by the River,” and “Sugar Mountain.” -

Lorien 10/26/2023 9:55:55 PM

"What am amazing treat. Raw Neil at its finest. Magical and moving. Good old times"

Silly Billy 11/13/2022 2:32:26 AM

"Nice to just hear Neil and his acoustic guitar singing and talking to the audience. Preserved for us 50 years later. "


Setlist at Young Shakespeare, Stratford, CT on Jan 22, 1971

Set One

Tell Me Why 157


Old Man 249


The Needle And The Damage Done 228


Ohio 182


Dance, Dance, Dance 146


Cowgirl In The Sand 261


A Man Needs A Maid / Heart Of Gold Suite 416


Journey Through The Past 214


Don't Let It Bring You Down 177


Helpless 230


Down By The River 252


Sugar Mountain 520


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