Apr 20, 2009

The Disco Biscuits

9:30 Club, Washington, DC

04/20/09 9:30 Club, Washington, DC


Set One

Banter 67


  • $0.99
Kitchen Mitts 577


  • $0.99
Vassillios 923


Rock Candy 721


Meditation 280


  • $0.99
Grass Is Green 633


  • $0.99
Abraxas 619


  • $0.99
Digital Buddha 283


  • $0.99

Set Two

Killing in the Name 437


  • $0.99
Digital Buddha 971


Astronaut 923


Crickets 1916


Astronaut 869



Tamarin Alley 360


  • $0.99
Morph Dusseldorf 584


  • $0.99
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Reviews for this item

Jmoney 3/4/2021 2:10:48 PM

"Set 2 is probably one of the best sets of music of 2.0 even with the shitty KITN cover. Vass>Rock candy smokes too. 09 just fucking smokes.... "

bnoring 3/18/2017 5:50:45 AM

"2009 strikes again! Great first set, great second set. Hell, even the encore is really good. Highlights include opener "Kitchen Mitts", "Meditation", "Rock Candy" plus the "Grass is Green" > "Abraxas" on the first set. The second set an hour and twenty minutes continuous jam that might be a bit difficult to listen to, however it's certainly worth the effort. I played it three times the last several days. That said I still prefer the first set minus a somewhat average version of "Vassillios". Another "

Colonel Forbin 7/10/2009 3:04:35 AM

"Heard the "Rock Candy" from this show on Jam On Sirius 17 today and thought it was amazing so I bought this show. I'm not a big time Disco Biscuits fan but I have some of their stuff and I have been wanting to see them for awhile. Anyway, this show is great and I recommend you buy it. "Vassillios", "Rock Candy", "Crickets", and "Morph Dusseldorf" are all my favorites from this show. Cool "Killing In The Name" cover too."

max 5/12/2009 9:30:24 PM

"great connection crowd!!! happy to be there during the most prestigious of holidays. great set, loved the rage, after the intermission. just all around good vibes. rite on disco, rite on."

J 5/2/2009 1:25:04 AM

"for anyone that was at the show im so happy to have shared the holidays with you. Bisco and the crowd connected and it was a high energy show where the two were feeding off of each other. Crickets blows my mind every time i listen to it and the band really took us for a ride the entire concert so THANK YOU"