The Disco Biscuits

AMD Stage

Lollapalooza, IL

Aug 5, 2006

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About Formats
About Formats
Show Notes
The Disco Biscuits are truly road warriors. Their live shows are unique to the band, and no two of them are the same. Drawing on influences from rock, to techno, to classical, to jazz, Bisco is music made with the future in mind.

Invisiblebuddha 4/18/2022 3:26:59 AM

"Nice performance w/ all songs played very well. Sound is A Buddha, Crystal Ball, Magellan are highlights"

Josh 10/20/2021 3:42:05 PM


udhryvyu 8/21/2013 4:53:22 PM


udhryvyu 8/21/2013 4:53:20 PM


udhryvyu 8/21/2013 4:53:19 PM



Setlist at AMD Stage, Lollapalooza, IL on Aug 5, 2006

Set One

World Is Spinning 278


Digital Buddah 752


Have A Cigar 417


Magellan 1193


Crystal Ball 564


Caterpillar 789


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