The Disco Biscuits


LaFayette, NY

Oct 6, 2023

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About Formats
Show Notes

Photo by Tara Gracer 


Larry 10/11/2023 11:17:42 AM

"If you're cold, put this show on and have your face melt. The Wormhole for the win! Don't miess Spacetrain (great shredding in this jam) > Catalyst > Nug. Set 2 Nug jam is electric. To Be Continued is becoming a classic, that song rips."

TheFreebisSlink 10/10/2023 7:01:52 AM

"The jam into Munchkin ending had me an the homies doing the can can. Cyclone > Huffer ending is intergalactic dirty untz. The crowd was so excited to walk back into the main stage for that Dyslexic Nughuffer completion and inverted Reactor > M1 had us howling like wolves."

KStone42 10/9/2023 8:27:27 PM

"The drop into wormhole is so tight. This is the best band ever. The dyslexic Nughuffer was cool too. Such a great show. "

Spy>champions>spy 10/7/2023 12:40:59 PM

"Th Fall festival in upstate NY in the icy cold rain? Sounds like the perfect place for a >cyclone that’ll make u shit urself. This show was on absolute fire, even from the wet pocketed phone of a fan who streamed for us at home. Cyclone > nughuffer was sick, and I think an nbd. TBC sandwich, as per usual, was excellent. Really loved the creative segue in which to me was quite different from the two TBC sammys I caught this year in the Catskills and ATX. Can’t wait for tonight. Bust out a Spy please!!!!! "

Dannbow 10/7/2023 12:21:11 PM

"Great show! The space opera songs are mainly downers and kind of stupid, but the music is good especially the Wet opener and the Cyclone>Nughuffer "


Setlist at Biscoland, LaFayette, NY on Oct 6, 2023

Set One

Jam 171


Wet 793


Munchkin Invasion 1206


The Wormhole 807


Space Train 1053


Cyclone 374


Nughuffer 519


Set Two

Crowd 58


Nughuffer 1469


Shocked 1216


To Be Continued 555


Reactor 874


M1 507


To Be Continued 638


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