The Disco Biscuits


Cincinnati, OH

Oct 17, 2007

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About Formats

Phil 12/6/2007 6:05:38 PM

"This was seriously the best disco biscuits show I have seen. It was my 15th show at the time (caught the Columbus and Cleveland shows from the same tour as well) and both sets brought the finest of what only the biscuits are capable of bringing. They really threw down both sets. I was particularly fond of the Humu (very danceable chill, phishy jam)>DON(raged, yet was very cleanly preformed)>Cyclone(`nuff said, peak of set 1)>Sound One onslaught.....then the second set showed up. WOW! That Home Again Opener is simply the best version of the song I have ever heard, and got into a very uncharacteristically dark jam (for Home Again, not in general). Very well organized jam, always was intense and never got repetitive. My favorite tune of the night. Then Abraxas (cyclone and abraxas in the same show=balls to the walls rage fest dance party,) then the second half of HAB was very cool and fit right in, did not feel forced. Let me just say I am a HUGE floyd fan, and the rock candy>run like hell>rock candy made me the happiest dude in cincinnati. Sick, sick jamming through that segment. And if the cyclone and abraxas duo was some sort of foreshadowing that would make sense with the second floyd cover of the night, Have a Cigar, as lead off of the encore. They left everybody with a killer phishy-bisco vibe with Morph Dusseldorf (gotta love Uncivilized Area tunes to close out the show). Like I said, best biscuits show I have ever attended, and the recording is very clear. I was worried since the sound that night was a little distorted due to the speakers being pushed a little harder than they should have, but the SBD`s survived in crystal clear form. The worst part about the whole experience was how long I had to wait to hear the soundboards!!!! Download it now!"


Setlist at Bogart's, Cincinnati, OH on Oct 17, 2007

Set One

Spy 801


Humuhumunukunukuapua'a 1030


Mr. Don 659


Cyclone 1075


Sound One 295


Set Two

Home Again 1291


Abraxas 684


Hot Air Balloon 967


Rock Candy 429


Run Like Hell 757


Rock Candy 310



Have A Cigar 416


Morph Dusseldorf 535


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