The Disco Biscuits

Calvin Theatre

Northampton, MA

Nov 3, 2006

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About Formats
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BennyBoomers 11/7/2006 10:20:53 AM

"I was at this show. Definately one of the best shows I`ve ever seen. Replace the BoomWanker with something good and it would probably be THE best of 2.0. Hands-down Allen`s best Helicopters to this point. Same with Mulberry`s. I would definately recommend downloading this show over any of the other 5 Halloween run shows. Stellar show with great song selection and raging peaks in Helicopters, Housedogpartyfavor, Spraypaint, Shelby Rose & Munchkin. "

vinniedaidone 11/6/2006 4:34:27 PM

"Couldn`t make it to the show, so i can`t comment from that point of view, hopefully someone else here could. But from the sound of things, the boys blew the roof off the calvin theatre. 1st set starts off a bit shaky but is still solid up until Helix, which is where things take off. This is a great standalone Helix, in the vein of a fall `00 standalone helix - dark, layered trance. The mulberry`s is also nice. This 2nd set is why you need to download this though. Tons of energy and creative jams. House Dog > Cyclone > Party Favor is outstanding. Spraypaint and Shelby to close the 2nd are also above average. And the nearly 40 min. Munchkin and RLH encore is as great is it looks. Pick this up. . !"


Setlist at Calvin Theatre, Northampton, MA on Nov 3, 2006

Set One

King of The World 448


Sweating Bullets 501


Spy 834


Helicopters 824


Mulberry's Dream 626


Set Two

House Dog Party Favor 1545


Cyclone 900


House Dog Party Favor 464


Boom Shanka 683


Spraypaint 1290


Shelby Rose 1058



Munchkin Invasion 1213


Run Like Hell 836


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