The Disco Biscuits

Camp Bisco 7

Mariaville, NY

Jul 17, 2008

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About Formats
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Show Notes

pornoFUNK 8/4/2008 5:11:42 PM

"i like the direction their taking caves.... but this one for the most part is very out of sync"

nice little start 7/27/2008 1:05:42 AM

"nice beginning to camp...better than last year's opening set at least...crunchy little boop middle and a descent 42...caves never really does anything for me, but the unexpected sven ending into trucker's to close was nice...can't wait for the rest of camp to pop up here...enjoy"


Setlist at Camp Bisco 7, Mariaville, NY on Jul 17, 2008

Set One

Intro 88


7-11 615


Little Betty Boop 727


42 1488


Caves Of The East 551


Svenghali 282


Trucker's Choice 584


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