The Disco Biscuits

Catskill Mountain Jubilee

East Durham, NY

Aug 11, 2023

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About Formats
About Formats

Dorff 8/20/2023 6:58:07 PM

"Park Ave locked in so dope just casually kill this "

jsh 8/18/2023 8:09:34 PM

"knew this was going to be nails after the jam into a filthy WLTP. Park Ave was sick and the second set was chef’s kiss "

Dude 8/17/2023 12:51:24 PM

"set 1. Jamming into the set is awesome. Big build up before we like to party. And the ladies starts to pump the pace. Great transition into space train. Space train is such a fun song. Great transition into helicopters SET2. Great confrontation into buy my time. End of time gets dark. Seamless segue into one chance to save the world. Tempest out of nowhere! Man that built up into a ripping peak and then slowed down a bit into reactor. Flipped into deep groove at 6:45. Run like hell to close. Lady yells “oh my god you did a great job, job well done”. She ain’t wrong. 10/10 "

Clover4aDay 8/16/2023 5:39:13 PM

"Jam>Gangster>Confro is smoooooooooth as hell"

Todd Padre 8/14/2023 9:55:01 AM

" all time favorite opener for both sets"


Setlist at Catskill Mountain Jubilee, East Durham, NY on Aug 11, 2023

Set One

Crowd 56


Jam 408


We Like To Party 879


Park Ave. 953


And The Ladies Were The Rest Of The Night 1043


Space Train 800


Helicopters 470


Set Two

Jam 617


Gangster 460


Confrontation 592


Buy The Time 906


One Chance To Save The World 575


Tempest 300


Reactor 523


Run Like Hell 152


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